AKG C214 Vs Shure SM7B

Microphones like AKG C214 Vs Shure SM7B are ideal for varying recording purposes. They are suitable for streaming or broadcasting too. Many people love their good sound quality and overall product quality. However, they don’t sound the same, and you may like one better. If you wonder which microphone will be the better choice, let’s see below what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are Condenser and Dynamic Microphones
  • What are AKG C214 and Shure SM7B
  • How are the Build Qualities of AKG C214 and Shure SM7B
  • How are the Specs of AKG C214 and Shure SM7B
  • How is the Setup of AKG C214 and Shure SM7B
  • How are the Sound Characters of AKG C214 and Shure SM7B
  • How is the Performance of AKG C214 and Shure SM7B
  • What else AKG C214 and Shure SM7B can offer
  • AKG C214 Vs Shure SM7B

Condenser Vs Dynamic Microphones 

A microphone is the start of your recording setup. This equipment captures your sound and then converts and sends it somewhere else. The type of mic, environment, sound and the rest of the equipment will affect the result, for example, how the audio sounds to your ears. Choosing the best microphone is usually about matching it with the application and what sound you like the most. Some options are more specific to a particular type of recording, while some can be highly versatile.

When it comes down to choosing a microphone, most people will consider buying a dynamic or condenser type. One of the most popular uses of the microphone is for streaming, especially with the increasing popularity of social media and digital content nowadays. Both are good, anyone can use them, but it also depends on what you aim for. Dynamic microphones are less sensitive than a condenser, so it is ideal for blocking unwanted noise. It doesn’t need phantom power and is very durable. The limitation is they often have very low insensitivity.

Condenser microphones are more popular for music, and if you see a singer on a video singing or covering something, chances are they use a condenser mic. They are ideal for vocals because it is more sensitive to capture more of the singer’s voice. The frequency range is usually fuller to give life to the recording. Some condenser microphones have additional polar patterns meaning they are more versatile. But, due to the high sensitivity, it is not suitable for untreated rooms and requires a phantom power supply.

 AKG C214Shure SM7B
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Product Dimensions11.3 x 8.6 x 3.9 inches 13.3 x 7.2 x 4.8 inches
Shipping Weight1.76 pounds 2.03 pounds

About AKG C214 and Shure SM7B

It all comes down to preference when it comes to the microphone. People’s tastes vary, and most of us don’t think the same, but there is always an alternative. Overall we have plenty to choose from, and while your first buy may not ideally serve what you want from the equipment, we can always try the other options. If you’re going to shop conveniently, we can see what other similar users are going for because they are highly likely to fit your preference.

If you use the microphone for streaming or recording instruments like guitars, some of the most popular options are AKG C214 and Shure SM7B. We are sure most people are already familiar with these names because they are pretty famous, especially for the SM7B, which is almost like a staple for broadcasting purposes. Both microphones sound good and clean for your voice delivery, but they don’t sound the same. In our opinion, the SM7B sounds more comfortable for most people.

Shure SM7B is a prevalent broadcasting microphone, and one of the reasons is it doesn’t sound too sharp on the ears. It rounds your voice and gives it a very comfortable flat response. On the other hand, AKG C214 is more detailed, especially in the higher frequency range. This is an excellent quality if you are into a brighter sound character. It is also suitable for singing and recording guitars. Both AKG C214 and Shure SM7B are good options but probably for different users.

The main difference between AKG C214 and Shure SM7B is the type because one is a condenser mic, and the latter is a dynamic mic. Both require other equipment to work, such as an interface. The C214 needs it to provide phantom power, and the SM7B needs to adjust the gain.

AKG C214 and Shure SM7B Build Quality 

Before checking what the AKG C214 and Shure SM7B can offer, let’s look at the unit first. Build quality-wise, none of them are concerning. The housing is made of sturdy metal, expected for something in the $300 range. In comparison, the SM7B is noticeably larger than C214. The microphone is also coming with the mount already installed. There is a mount adapter to hook it into your mic stand or boom arm. The mic is also secured with an adjustable pair of hinges.

The mic comes with the standard foam filter already installed and a larger foam filter. On the other hand, C214 looks smaller in comparison to SM7B. This mic is side-addressed and what’s interesting is it comes with a hard case. It gives more in the package for something that is currently cheaper than SM7B, especially with the shock mount. The shock mount is plastic, but it is very sturdy and seems durable. It also has a foam filter, and there are two switches on the body.

AKG C214 and Shure SM7B Specs

Now let’s see some basic specs for AKG C214 and Shure SM7B. As mentioned above, the C214 is a condenser microphone and is side-addressed. On the other hand, SM7B is a dynamic microphone with a top-addressed feature. The frequency range of SM7B is 50 to 20kHz, is cardioid type, and has a sensitivity of -59dB; the impedance is 150 or 300 Ohms. The C214 is a large-diaphragm microphone with a frequency range of 20 to 20khx, has a cardioid polar pattern, a sensitivity of -34dB, and impedance of 200 Ohms.

AKG C214 and Shure SM7B Setup

Next, for the setup, both microphones will require other equipment before we can use them properly. The C214 is a condenser type, so your interface or mixer must provide the 48V power. As for the SM7B, this is a dynamic mic, so it doesn’t need phantom power, but you will need a pretty good amp to drive the gain. Using Scarlet 2i2, the gain for C214 is slightly below 50%, but for SM7B, you may need to push it twice as much.

AKG C214 and Shure SM7B Sound Characters 

The most crucial point of a microphone is the sound quality and character. Both are clean and efficiently deliver your message when it comes to quality. But, the character is different based on the design and microphone type. We noticed that SM7B sounds more comfortable on the ears, especially for speech and people talking in general, because the top-end is flatter. It makes your voice sound a bit warm and full without the harsh top, especially if your natural voice is already pretty high.

On the other hand, C214 is slightly boosted on the high-end, giving more clarity and sparks to your voice. But, for some people, the audio may sound a bit too sharp and not as comfortable for prolonged listening. As for guitars, they are equally good but also different. The C214 has more character because the low-end and high-end sounds are boosted, almost like a “V” shape, to give you a fuller experience. The highs sometimes can sound too sharp, however.

We think singing the AKG C214 and Shure SM7B are okay. The SM7B is more natural or flat, and it is a versatile option if you want to sing more aggressively. The C214’s high-frequency boost makes your voice bright but breathy, and there is an issue with sibilants. Read also: AKG C214 vs Neumann TLM 102 here.

AKG C214 and Shure SM7B Performance 

Performance-wise these microphones are good, but there are some worth noting. C214’s is not as good for rejecting plosives, but the low-end becomes fuller when you get closer to the mic. The SM7B has a great design and foam to ensure it works well in close proximity. We also think this mic is more forgiving if you don’t use it in a treated room. Both mic’s off-axis rejection is equally good, and they are still safe even when you slightly move from the center of the unit when speaking.

AKG C214 and Shure SM7B Features

Lastly is for the features because AKG C214 and Shure SM7B have some to offer. We mentioned that C214 has switches on the unit, and this is a -20db pad with a high-pass filter. There are also switches on the SM7B that you can find on the back of the unit. There is a cover to seal this side to prevent accidental activation. The switches are a low-cut filter and a mid-boost function. These switches will change the character of their sounds and are very useful depending on your recording purpose.

AKG C214 Vs Shure SM7B

The AKG C214 and Shure SM7B are some of the best microphones that you can buy for different purposes. They don’t sound the same because the SM7B is generally flatter while C214 is brighter. The SM7B is better at rejecting plosives and is ideal for those who prefer a more natural voice recording. The C214 may sound harsh for some people’s voices, and it has an issue with sibilants. The C214 is a condenser that requires phantom power to work, while you need powerful equipment for SM7B since it is gain hungry.

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The decision is all yours based on which seems to fit your preference and budget. The C214 is currently cheaper and is an excellent choice if you love a brighter sound. Still, we recommend SM77B, especially if you already have a reliable interface, because its sound character is more comfortable for most people.


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