Audio Technica At2020 vs Blue Yeti

Many people are looking for the best microphone for their own production, hobby and many more. There is a big community behind microphone products that share their opinions and criticism on the internet. you can check out YouTube for example, and find a lot of reviews on microphones.

Narrowing down the options can be very difficult, since there are just too many microphones out there. From cheap to premium microphones, the options are endless. But don’t worry, in this article we have narrowed it down to two microphones, Audio Technica At2020 and Blue Yeti. These microphones are some of the best models of microphones that are priced at a reasonable price. We’ll compare both microphones to see which one is better, the final decision is still on you of course.

Audio Technica At2020 Review

The design of this microphone is quite simple and elegant at the same time. it comes in black and complete with superior finish that makes it look like a high-end microphone. The overall build is solid and will definitely last for a long time. The cast metal is thicker than most microphone and can look a little chunky, the wire mesh protects the capsule and acts as a screen to eliminate noise. The secondary layer can eliminate the popping sound, while it can’t replace an external pop filter, it does a great job of removing first level noise. The whole build weighs at around 12 oz. Read also: Razer Seiren vs Blue Yeti

Now for the most important thing, performance. Audio Technica At2020 is fairly basic since it’s an entry model but the audio quality is really good. The frequency response is flat for the most part expect at around 70Hz mark where you can see a few cuts. At the high end of the frequency response, you can see a big boom and as a result the sound clarity is great.

Audio Technica At2020 uses the popular Cardioid polar pattern. There is no support for other patterns such as Omni directional or Bidirectional on this mic, so it’s not a really versatile product and can be a big drawback for some productions. The Cardioid polar pattern helps to pick up sounds from the front side and can isolate the sound really well. Audio Technica At2020 is a condenser mic, means that it doesn’t work well in places with a lot of natural sounds.

Audio Technica At2020 is compatible with many applications including on both Windows and Mac. If you want to work with a lot of Apple products, Audio Technica At2020 is a great choice as well. Not many products can work well with Apple products.

 Audio Technica At2020Blue Yeti
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Product Dimensions15.8 x 12.2 x 7.9 inches
15.9 x 12.3 x 7.7 inches
Shipping Weight5.2 pounds7.1 pounds

Overall, Audio Technica At2020 is a solid entry level microphone. If you work with both Windows and Mac devices, you won’t have any compatibility issues with it. Here is the list of production type that can be done well with this mic:

  •         Commentary
  •         Narration
  •         Acoustics
  •         Vocals
  •         Electric Guitar
  •         Drums
  •         Banjo
  •         Overheads
  •         Podcasts
  •         Skype
  •         Recordings, and more

Blue Yeti Review

Moving on to Blue Yeti. The design is similar to At2020, it has a retro look to it with a solid base for more stability and support for the mic itself so it won’t topple over. the arm can be adjusted easily and you can even push it away from you when you’re done, this way the mic won’t pick up any unwanted noise. The colors are available in all-white or all-black.

Blue Yeti is great if you’re tall, you can talk to mic easily without having to bend down unlike At2020. This has been a complaint for a lot of people, where their mic can’t really reach their height.

As for the performance, Blue Yeti supports four polar patterns which is really incredible. With four polar patterns, it’s more versatile and useful than At2020. Here are the four polar patterns that are supported:

  •         Cardioid to record sounds from the front and the side. It’s ideal for conversations, narration, commentary, singing and other recording that require you to talk.
  •         Stereo to record sounds from the right and left side for that amazing stereo effect. It’s great for recording instrumental music.
  •         Omnidirectional to record sounds from all directions. Not as popular as other patterns, but very useful for specific recordings.
  •         Bi-directional to record a two-way conversation like an interview for example. Remember that this pattern is difficult to find in other products.

As you can see, you can record pretty much anything with Blue Yeti. If you need a mic that can record all kinds of sound without problems, then this mic is great. Recording with a Blue Yeti can produce a natural sound without any distortions. Sound clarity is great across all frequencies. But it’s still recommended to use pop filters to remove hissing and booming sounds completely.

Overall, Blue Yeti is a great microphone. No matter what you want to record, the sound quality will be superb. It’s very convenient to use and won’t let anyone down.

Audio Technica At2020 vs Blue Yeti

- Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone
- Ideal for project/home-studio applications|High SPL handling and wide dynamic range for versatility
- Custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm| Provides extended frequency and superior transient response
- Cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source
- NO LATENCY DELAYS: Allows you to listen to what you're recording in real-time, without latency delays—that means no more hearing a note 3 seconds after you played it
- INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Easily record via USB connection, rain, shine or snow
- FOUR DIFFERENT PATTERN MODES: Allows the listener to select between stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, or bi-directional polar patterns for optimal results
- BUNDLE INCLUDES: Blue Microphone Yeti USB Microphone (Slate) with Knox Gear Pop Filter, Knox Gear Blue Yeti Microphone Shock Mount


Looking at both products I think we know which one is the clear winner, the answer is Blue Yeti. Blue Yeti is the winner for many reasons. It offers four recording patterns while At2020 only has one. even though you don’t need those patterns, having more options is still great. It simply gives you more flexibility when it comes to more recording sessions and with different applications.

Blue Yeti has better sound quality and better control of your production. There is a dedicated mute button to help you save time on editing and re-recording. Design-wise both mics are the same, the difference is negligible. But like we said before, Blue Yeti is more convenient to use, the height of the mic and being able to push it away from you when you’re done are nice to have.

Now about the price tags, Blue Yeti is priced at $110 and At2020 is at $119. With these prices it’s difficult to not choose Blue Yeti, you practically pay less for more features.

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