Blue Snowball iCE vs Samson Meteor

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for another microphone for your YouTube channel or web recording? In case you are new to the universe of sound, you probably will not realize that USB microphones are not the standard.

Until a couple of years prior, USB microphones were entirely uncommon. For the most part, they were used for Skype calls and web based gaming and most expert clients worked with XLR microphones.

All in all, why use USB? USB microphones have a major bit of leeway contrasted with XLR microphones: They can be plugged straightforwardly into your PC.

With an XLR microphone, you do not have that extravagance. You need to place it into a sound interface first, and that means you need to purchase (and expertise to utilize) a sound interface.

With USB, you do not need to experience any of that inconvenience, which implies that USB microphones are considerably more beginner-friendly than different microphones. This makes them perfect for YouTubers, podcasters, and hobby musicians. 

For the accompanying article, we will be looking at two diverse mainstream USB microphones, Blue Snowball iCE and Samson Meteor, and comparing them side by side.

About the Item

  • Blue Snowball iCE:

Blue Snowball iCE is the quickest, most straightforward approach to get excellent sound for recording and streaming. Fueled by a custom cardioid condenser case, Snowball iCE conveys perfectly clear sound quality that is light-years in front of your built-in PC microphone.

It is even Skype certified, which ensures incredible sounding outcomes regardless of how or where you use it — at home or the workplace. 

  • Samson Meteor:

Samson Meteor is the widespread answer for recording music on your PC. Ideal for your home studio, it is likewise perfect for Skype, iChat or voice recognition program. With Samson Meteor, you can make unimaginable recordings that are amazing. 

Sound Quality

  • Blue Snowball iCE:

It has a fresh spotless sound. It functions admirably without a pop filter, however, you might need to look into accompanying the Snowball with a decent one. Analysts have noticed an immense improvement in sound quality in such a manner. 

You additionally might need to observe that the yield level as indicated by many is somewhat low, and you must be extremely near it when talking. To some, it is excessively quiet, and possibly gets sound when you are straight up on it.

 Blue Snowball iCE Blue Yeti
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Product Dimensions10.6 x 5.5 x 9.1 inches
6 x 3 x 5 inches
Shipping Weight1.65 pounds
1.32 pounds

Amusingly, it is still delicate and gets a great deal outside of the immediate vicinity. Ensure you are in a calm region away from the encompassing clamor if you can support it. 

  • Samson Meteor:

What most clients love about the Samson Meteor is how clear it sounds. Truth be told, you can find in some tests online that it sounds fuller and more present than the Blue Snowball does.

In any case, it can likewise be stable and somewhat harsh contrasted with the Snowball. Like with different microphones, the Meteor sounds best when you are nearer to it, which can be precarious as a result of its little size.

So, if conceivable, try to set this up moderately near you. 


  • Blue Snowball iCE:

Blue Snowball iCE is excessively simple to utilize. Interface it through the included USB link and it works.

Since there are not any switches or controllers on the microphone, you cannot do anything incorrectly. 

  • Samson Meteor:

Samson Meteor is anything but difficult to utilize and even offers a couple of controls like a quiet switch, an earphone yield, and an earphone volume handle. 


Blue Snowball iCE:

Blue Snowball iCE accompanies a little work area stand (simply like the Blue Yeti). This implies you can put it around your work area and begin recording.

So, there is no compelling reason to purchase and set up a microphone stand first.

Samson Meteor:

Samson thought of a truly astute idea for the stand: The three legs are legitimately joined to the microphone and can be folded in the event that you need to utilize an alternate mount.

What is particularly helpful about the legs is that their point is adaptable. This implies you can without much of a stretch position your microphone in the most ideal manner. 


  • Blue Snowball iCE:

While Blue Snowball iCE is all around planned, it tends to be genuinely easy to thump over because of its large “head”. Fortunately, this microphone is durable enough to endure a couple of shots.

  • Samson Meteor:

While it is surely savvy to incorporate the remainder into the microphone, one of the legs sadly covers the USB and the earphone input when it is folded in. This implies you should keep the leg folded out when you need to utilize an alternate mount.

Other than that, Samson Meteor feels strong and establishes a steady connection. 

Pros and Cons

  • Blue Snowball iCE:

(+) Incredible for voice-overs, web recording, Skype, online classes, screen-casts, gaming, speedy and simple live account, sax, and so forth. 

(+) Clean stable, works admirably at disposing of commotion when you are near it. 

(+) Incredible client service from Blue microphones. 

(-) Nearness issue. You should get in real close to get the most ideal sound from it. 

(-) Yield level low, you may need to make some noise a lot. 

(-) Selector switch marked one to three rather than which polar pattern you are on. 

  • Samson Meteor:

(+) Workhorse microphone, extremely adaptable. 

(+) Great conveying case and strong box. 

(+) Works with Mac, Garageband, Logic, iPad, iChat, and so forth. 

(-) Red light of death, known to stop after anywhere from a couple of days, to half a month, to a half year, to a year or eighteen months. It is heartbreaking, and a side-effect of a sub 100 USD microphone as we would like to think. 

(-) Your PC may out of nowhere quit recognizing it, which is likewise a drag. It might likewise out of nowhere bite the dust. 

(-) There have been a few reports of welding issues with the mini USB connector and port, to where the unit basically breaks into pieces around there.

Blue Snowball iCE vs Samson Meteor

- Custom condenser capsule offers crystal clear audio for Skype, Messages and FaceTime
- Record vocals, create podcasts, and add narration to your home movies
- Add crystal clear audio to recordings for YouTube. Frequency Response: 40 –18 kHz
- Easy plug and play directly to your Mac or PC-no drivers to install
- Smooth, flat frequency response of 20hz–20khz captures the detail of your voice or instrument.
- 1/8" Stereo headphone output with level control for zero-latency monitoring.
- Zinc die-cast construction with chrome-plated finish.
- Large, 25mm diaphragm USB studio condenser microphone.

Final Verdict 

Blue Snowball iCE and Samson Meteor are both without a doubt decent microphones, however, we found that Samson Meteor gets more background clamor. At its cost, this is to be, to some degree, anticipated. 

Fortunately, the sound is perfectly clear and comes through plenty loud. So, in the end, it truly relies upon your spending limit and needs since both are acceptable budget-friendly choices. 


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