Earstudio ES100 MK 2 vs Fiio BTR5

Nowadays we are provided with abundant ways of enjoying music. Right in the palm of your hands, you may have the smartphone, a device that filled with basically everything. Smartphones in general already have the capacity to deliver digital audio music right to your ear. It has a large amount of storage as well for pilling your favorites.

The music streaming apps come as usual things as well, where the people could literally have the whole library right in their phone. If offers a lot of music collection, as well with supporting features that spoiling the users as well, including the high quality or lossless music quality.

For the people who want to improve the audio quality themselves, they can look for the alternatives. There are some things that can be used for that purpose, namely DAC/amp, or Digital Audio Player. People can use these small devices to enhance their listening experience, greatly. Despite coming in such a small size, they pack a punch.

There are some choices of DAP available on the market, like Earstudio and Fiio. Previously, we talked about products from Fiio, which is the portable DAC. But this time, we’re gonna do a bit comparison of its Bluetooth DAC, namely Fiio BTR 5. 

We have the contender, the Earstudio ES 100 MK 2 to see their differences in the characteristics. So, without further ado, here’s the slight comparison of Fiio BTR 5 and Earstudio ES 100 MK2.

Fiio BTR 5

Looking at the build quality, Fiio BTR 5 seems to be compact and durable. The chasing is made out of metal materials, with the additional plastic materials for the ports. This is hard plastic, so it’s more durable and resistant against impacts or drops. The buttons are all well placed, not too wide nor too tight. Read also: Fiio Q1 Mark II vs K3.

It’s also a bit heavy either, reaching 43 grams per unit. So that’s why they added the clip on the back side. The clips are made of transparent hard plastic. Really contrast to the full-black finishing, but it still works great. There’s also a small screen that is bright enough to see, even during the day.

The users may gain complete control over Fiio BTR 5, since it has a full set of complete control buttons. Unlike the competitors that don’t apply this, the BTR 5 can give the users an absolute control over everything. There’s the physical buttons for volume, track skipping, changing EQ presets or sound filters.

 Earstudio ES100 MK 2Fiio BTR5
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Product Dimensions1 x 2 x 0.5 inches
0.98 x 0.39 x 2.28 inches
Shipping Weight0.704 ounces
1.55 ounces

BTR 5 is indeed a powerful portable DAC. Aside from having better aspects in the physical build and controls, it is also blessed with the strong dual sabre ES9218P DAC, which has more dynamic decoding. This device also has the ability to push the limit to 300 ohm for almost all  headphones available. Meaning you can have the experience of having a full dynamic sound right in your headphone speakers.

It has a complete access for connectivity. Aside from using the NFC, the users may also use the Bluetooth pairing. And it’s really convenient on this device. Once you connect it to your phone or PC, it’ll connect automatically later once the Bluetooth is on. The Bluetooth 5.0 it has is actually stable, as long as you stay inside the 10 m range.

 As a portable device, it has a good battery life. Once fully charged, it can go for seven to nine hours non stop. When you connect it to your phone via cable, the battery won’t decrease at all. The sound characteristics that it has is flat-less bass, fuller, and more dynamic than its competitors. It’s almost neutral sounding, precise, and giving better musicality aspects.

Earstudio ES100 MK2

Arriving with 100 dollars less than BTR5, many would think whether this device is actually a great alternative. The ES100 MK2, arrives with much similarity with Bluewave Get, which launched way earlier.

Looking at the design, this device has a very portable size, even smaller than BTR5. It’s full with black matte finishing, with the silver metallic colors on the sides. There’s a 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm ports located on the left and right side. The buttons for volume adjustment, play/pause are located on the sides as well.

Other than that, the ES100 MK2 also packs with complete controls. Besides the audio adjustments, the users can also explore the Codec mode, select the output, adjusting volume via digital display, and other stuff right on its companion app. It’s available freely to download. It’s not giving a significant boost, but still a nice touch over everything.

The user may find other ports like micro-USB as well, which can be used for a USB DAC input. It could spoil the music enthusiast with two main options, balanced and unbalanced outputs. With these, it’s possible to deliver a strong power to your headphones.

It’s a dependable portable device as well, with its 14 hours battery life. It’s clearly longer than BTR 5. But surely the sound quality is less better on ES100 MK2. Remembering it’s price, it still actually has a decently good audio quality compared to the other competitors within the same range. It can even surpass the iphone XR’s headphone in terms of output quality.

The characteristics of the sound is bassy with more solid and extended. Soundstage is better than the competitors. It’s rich but natural in the same kind of way. Individual sounds from vocals and instruments can be heard clearly and solidly.

Earstudio ES100 MK 2 vs Fiio BTR5

- DAC: Asahi Kasei AK 4375a × 2 / ◆ Input: Bluetooth A2DP or USB DAC / ◆ USB DAC: USB Audio Class 1.0 (Up to 48 kHz / 16 bit)
- Output: ● 3.5 mm (Unbalanced) / ● 2.5 mm (Balanced / 4-Pin) / ◆ Output Level: ● 3.2 Vpp (Unbalanced) / ● 6.4 Vpp (Blanced) / ◆ Output Impedance: 1 Ω (Unbalanced / Blanced) / ◆ SNR: ● 109 dB (Unbalanced) / ● 110 dB (Blanced)
- Bluetooth Version: 4.2 / ◆ Profile: HFP / HSP / A2DP / AVRCP / ◆ Corresponding Codec: aptX / aptX HD / AAC / SBC / ◆ Maximum Communication Distance: about 10 m
- Battery Capacity: 350 mAh (Lithium Polymer) / ◆ Continuous Playing Time: about 14 hours / ◆ Body Size: (W) 30 × (H) 53 × (W) 15 mm / ◆ Body Weight: about 20 g
- CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 receiver designed to deliver studio-quality sound through your ears WIRELESS - using your existing wired headphones, earphones or even speakers.
- For greater power and detail resolution,the BTR5 features both balanced 2.5mm and single-ended 3.5mm outpts.
- Can be remotely controlled via FiiO Music app to swtich channel balance,8 different DAC lowpass filter and 10-band EQ
- FPGA precision clock management+OLED Displaying+9 hours battery life+2 microphones with cVC 8.0 noise cancellation


 The Fiio BTR 5 really overcomes everyone’s expectation for such a 200 dollars amplifier. It can really beat the Ear Studio ES100 MK2 in every way. You can’t ask for more. For such an affordable price, it basically has everything. The sound quality is the best on this one, and it’s able to deliver a powerful amplifying power. The other aspects like strong physical build, great connectivity, a very long battery life are always a plus. So that being said, this could be one of the best portable DAC you can get for now.

But if you have a very limited budget around a hundred dollars, Earstudio ES100 can still be a good purchase, and can be dependable for everyday use.

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