FiiO Q5S Vs Chord Mojo

For those with high impedance headphones you may want to buy another companion called a headphone amp. These small tools will make sure you get the proper audio quality from the headphone by bridging the player and your listening gear. Some of them such as FiiO Q5s Vs Chord Mojo are not only popular and working really well but also convenient to use. If you are also considering these amps, do check below about what they can offer and which of them will be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Headphone Amp
  • What are FiiO Q5S and Chord Mojo
  • How FiiO Q5S and Chord Mojo Look Like
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  • What are the Complaints about FiiO Q5S and Chord Mojo
  • What else FiiO Q5S and Chord Mojo can offer
  • FiiO Q5S Vs Chord Mojo

Headphone Amp

Often so many we have to spend in order to get the best audio quality for our favorite music. While taste varies widely and it is fine as we have our own preference, when it comes to audio quality, both the digital file and your listening device will be the most important. Most of us are moving from physical to digital files as they are more convenient and due to this, now we can bring our favorite songs anywhere. Streaming services are also making it convenient for fans to access their favorite artists and supporting them.

If you have a premium subscription of high-quality audio files, they need to be paired with similarly amazing headphones too. Headphones, earphones, or speakers are again, a matter of preference but in addition, for those who like their favorite music to not disturb other people or like the feel of being surrounded by the sound, a headphone is a great option to opt for. But, will you need a headphone DAC and amplifier with it? The answer will vary but it is good to know why.

A headphone amplifier is just like a regular amplifier but is much smaller and is considered a low-powered amp to balance the impedance or boost the voltage of an audio signal in order to boost the voltage of an audio signal to match your connected headphone at best thus, it is sending audio signal. In general, a headphone amp will help your professional or high-end and high-impedance headphones to reach their full potential. If this does sound like what you have then having one will be beneficial.

 FiiO Q5SChord Mojo
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Product Dimensions6.69 x 4.53 x 2.36 inches3.23 x 2.36 x 0.87 inches
Shipping Weight7 ounces6.4 ounces

Headphone amplifiers are usually very small or about the size of the older iPod shuffle but when they are installed in the headphone, you can find this component near the headphone jacks which can be completely analog or as a part of a digital device’s DAC. Headphones are inherently analog and they require analog audio signals to convert into sound. In most customer’s range of headphones, they will have built-in amplifiers in the unit. If you prefer wireless variants, they also have receivers with the same function.

Whether the additional equipment is worth buying or not is highly subjective because not all of us have the same headphone. When it comes to the price range, it is also quite difficult to decide because they can be very affordable and expensive yet, we believe there is a model that will fit you the best. For example, it sounds unwise to spend on a HIFIMAN Shangri-La if you have other headphones than the high-end Shangri-La electrostatic headphones vice versa, we can’t pair it with a $20 Pyle Pro PHA 40.

About FiiO Q5S and Chord Mojo

If you are here then we assume you have a headphone with high impedance that needs an amp to drive properly. There are plenty to choose from when it comes to reliable and good amps, moreover nowadays they are getting cheaper as well. But, personally we do not recommend to go with the cheapest you can find because chances are they will be a waste of budget, so the mid-range is probably wiser to consider; it is also more time efficient.

If you set a budget before we can narrow down the option quickly and consider those that fall in your price range only. If you don’t have budget concern, we can see what other similar users are opting for since the products they like may satisfy you as well. For headphone amps, there are plenty to choose from even based on the manufacturer but only some that are dominating the market such as FiiO and Chord. We are sure budget shoppers are familiar with them because they are known for the affordable amps.

Being fairly affordable doesn’t make either of them bad choices because it is not the case and most users do like how they perform. The reason that you don’t need to invest much to get their products makes it easy for more listeners to afford and for you who also want to save some, the FiiO Q5S and Chord Mojo are two interesting options to consider. They are however not cheap and if you want to spend even less, we do recommend other popular options from FiiO such as the FiiO E10K Vs FiiO K3 here.

As you may guess, the Q5S is the continuation of the older Q5 and this model is also coming with more to offer compared to the original variant, as well as Mojo. Performance wise the experiences can vary but both FiiO Q5S and Chord Mojo are very similar in sound quality yet not identical and both do have their own pros and cons.

FiiO Q5S and Chord Mojo Design

Before seeing what these amps can offer, first let’s see the unit since these two are quite interesting. While they may look like plastic, especially the unique Mojo, in real-life it is not and is featured with metal casing but the ball control is indeed eye-catching and if you bring it outside, some people may wonder what it is. On the other hand the Q5S is almost similar to Walkman or iPod shuffle thanks to its silver finish and thin, streamlined design.

The FiiO is also more elegant if you pay attention to details because this device is combined with synthetic leather on the back for padding. In comparison, depending on what type of device you will be using such as a computer, smartphone, or portable music player, we do think the Q5S will be more convenient to bring along as you can use a rubber band or similar strap to hold the two devices together. We can do the same with Mojo but it will look awkward.

FiiO Q5S and Chord Mojo Sound Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s hear FiiO Q5S and Chord Mojo because this is what makes them very attractive. In comparison, both of them are good and working properly so those who are hoping to experience a better sound quality will have fun with either of them. However, they are not exactly the same because side by side we hear that the Mojo is working better in terms of improving the sound quality altogether, especially on the separation, spatial timing, and sound stage.

With this amp your music somehow sounds more detailed and in our opinion the amp is qualified to be used for critical listening purposes as it can separate each instrument really well but still intact with each other; it also has wider sound space which makes the music more open. On the bad side, we are not sure whether it is a defect of the product but there are some users who found their product to not be as long lasting.

FiiO Q5S and Chord Mojo Complaints

The same issue with noise because there have been complaints either there are some loose components inside the unit or they found the Mojo doesn’t work as it was new for just a few days of use. The typical complaints are about static noise from the output. In addition the amp may cause some noise as well when charging which makes it difficult to use in case you are currently out of battery. For the common complaints of FiiO, it is usually about the sound quality which is not as amazing, often than the original as well.

FiiO Q5S and Chord Mojo Features

The last part we want to talk about is their additional features because all of them will enhance the convenience. The best feature we found in FiiO Q5S and Chord Mojo is the Bluetooth of Q5S and yes, it means you can connect wireless devices to this amp, making it both convenient and easy to use if you have wireless headphones. The Mojo can work in a similar manner as well but through additional Bluetooth accessories. In addition, the FiiO Q5S is also added with balance output so you can listen using a balance cable with the amp.

FiiO Q5S Vs Chord Mojo

These headphone amps are great options to elevate your experience and for the price point they sound really good as well but, in comparison we also think the Mojo is more appropriate if you want a critical listening type of sound because this model is amazing at separating sounds and giving a sense of natural wide space to the music compared to FiiO. However, it is also prone to introduce annoying noise such as when used while being charged. On the feature side, the Q5S already has a built-in Bluetooth and balance jack.

- We elected to use the XMOS XUF208 microcontroller for its stability, powerful functionality, and its proven reliability.
- Thanks to the flagship Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chips ,the Q5s is able to support Bluetooth 5.0 which ensures a stable,high quality Bluetooth audio experience. AAC,SBC,aptX,aptX LL,aptX HD,LDAC and HWA was supported.
- The Q5s is bundled with the AM3E amp module with both single-ended and balanced 2.5/4.4 outputs.
- In USB DAC mode the Q5 supports PCM audio up to 768kHz/32 bit and Native DSD.
- Authentic Chord Mojo that is entirely designed and manufactured in Great Britain. All Mojo devices come with a 12 month warranty by Chord Electronics Limited in the United Kingdom.
- Mojo, the ultimate DAC/Headphone Amplifier for your smartphone, iPhone or Android. Simply connect Mojo to your iPhone, Android phone, PC, or Mac, plug in your headphones and you can experience crystal clear audio the way you would hear it in the recording studio.
- Inside Mojo is a massively powerful headphone amplifier that will deliver crystal clear audio whether you use in-ear buds or large studio cans, it will even play almost any audio file that you can find, up to 768kHz 32bit, and quad DSD 256. Thanks to the latest Li-Po technology, Mojo is able to charge to full in only four hours and will give between eight to ten hours continuous use.
- Mojo plays all files from 32kHz to 768kHz and even DSD 256. With two 3.5mm analogue outputs you and a friend can listen too! Mojo is fully automatic and remembers its last used settings. Its case is precision machined from a single solid block of aluminum.


All in all it is best to choose based on which you like better. In our opinion, if you are chasing a better sound quality around the budget then Mojo is a great option but if you want a convenient headphone amp which is also cheaper, the FiiO Q5S is the more ideal choice.

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