Final E4000 Vs 1More Quad Driver

Earbuds or IEMs like Final E4000 Vs 1More Quad Driver are convenient and versatile for everyone. They have improved sound technology to provide a better listening experience, especially for enthusiasts with high-quality audio sources or files. As different models, they don’t sound the same, but they also have some similarities. If you wonder which to go for, here is what to expect from the earbuds.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Consider When Buying Earbuds
  • What are Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver
  • How are the Designs of Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver
  • What are the Accessories in Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver
  • How is the Comfort of Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver
  • How are the Specs of Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver
  • How are the Sound Characters of Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver
  • Final E4000 Vs 1More Quad Driver

Buying an Earbuds

There is no more convenient way to bring your music everywhere but with compact earbuds. This listening device is many people’s option for music on the go, and it is still perfect even if you only listen at home. However, the wide array of options can often confuse the shopping time, so here are some factors you may want to consider first.

  1. Cost is the most crucial part as not everyone is willing to spend the same amount. We recommend putting a budget limit and finding the best you can afford. Especially for wireless choices, we need to pay more to avoid low-quality products.
  2. Comfort is crucial, and it is subjective. The typical earbuds have small tips with rubber or silicone covering to provide the best fit. Each earbud usually has several ear tips to match your ears. The housing design also matters because IEMs typically can seal your ears better than regular earbuds with a smaller housing.
  3. Never forget to check the battery life if you are in for wireless earbuds. Unlike the wired variant, there is a limitation to how long you can use them. Depending on your typical listening session, we can always find earbuds that provide adequate playback time.
  4. Consumers also need to know the basic specs of their earbuds, especially if they are willing to pay above the typical price. Specs like impedance, sensitivity, and frequency response can help you choose the perfect option for your listening activity or media player.
 Final E40001More Quad Driver
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Product Dimensions0.47 x 0.98 x 0.39 inches
1 x 1 x 1 inches
Shipping Weight0.634 ounces 0.8 ounces

About Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver

The market for the listening device is ever-changing, and new models always come out almost every year to follow the improvement in technology. Only some of the best can last for years and still have a huge fan base. Many enthusiasts move to the higher and new iterations for upgrades. There was only so much we could expect from the affordable range in the past but not anymore. Nowadays, even the pocket-friendly variant offers significantly better qualities than they used to.

The Chinese companies dominate the market with their variety of general consumer level headphones or earphones and enthusiast-specific models such as the Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver. While you can find many earbuds in this price range, not many can compete with these earbuds in terms of sound and build quality. The two are currently around $100 depending on where you live, which is pretty affordable for hi-res earbuds that can offer a satisfying sound in a compact form.

The E4000 and E5000 are two of the company’s flagship earbuds. Unlike similar fancy earbuds, including the Quad Driver, the E4000 doesn’t use an array of drivers as it only has one dynamic driver. On the other hand, the Quad Driver is an upgrade of the similarly impressive Triple Driver, and theoretically, it should be. The Triple and Quad Driver were the first two earbuds that received THX certification, which means the quality is up there to deliver the best audio experience.

In real life, the sound character of Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver is very similar. They are not the flat or neutral monitor that many people seek from IEMs or high-end headphones but are tailored more for the general taste, which is not bad, knowing that most people are casual music listeners. It is not a bad business decision, but they are also not suitable for those who seek accuracy. Read also: Final E4000 Vs Moondrop Starfield here.

Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver Design

Before checking what the Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver can offer, let’s look at the unit first. They are coming in good small cardboard with a set of accessories inside. The main difference between Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver is the design, mainly because E4000 has a removable cable like most IEMs, and the latter is not. The cable, however, looks better on the Quad Driver because the casing is slightly transparent, so it has an aesthetic value.

While it comes with a removable system, the E4000 only has one cable in the box, and this is the standard rubber-coated cable. E4000 is available in black like the sample picture and the E5000 is silver which also comes with a silver cable that arguably looks better. The shape of the E4000 is unique because it looks like a small tube with a cable connector on the side. It is very light, and as for the build quality, we think the two are comparable as they are metal.

Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver Accessories

One of the best parts of Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver is their accessories because they seem to don’t hold back here, and it improves the value of the product itself. The 1More provides more in the box, which makes the earbuds should cost more. Besides the earbuds, 1More gives you six pairs of silicone tips and three pairs of foam tips. It has one of the best carrying cases for earbuds in this price range.

It also provides an airplane adapter for dual 3.5 mono to 3.5 stereo and a 6.3mm to 3.5mm gold plated adapter with a metal cable clip. On the other hand, Final gives you a round silicone carrying case which is also very pleasing, one cable, five pairs of rubber eartips, and a pair of ear hooks to route the cable on top of the ear instead down.

Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver Comfort

Like with any listening device that we have to wear on the body, it is necessary to consider the comfort of Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver. We subjectively have no issue with the fit of these earbuds. The Quad Driver has a 45-degree angle shape, making it very comfortable to line with your ears. There are plenty of ear tips to try and find the best sealing for typical ears. The earbuds are also lightweight, so it most likely doesn’t cause any discomfort.

The pistol barrel design of E4000 is pretty unique, but the fit is similar to most earbuds, and it can get deep into the ear canals depending on the ear tips you pair it with. The housing is very light, and if the straight cable is not to your taste, we can route the cord on top of the ears using the ear hook to get out of the way. The Quad Driver, on the other hand, is angled, so it is not suitable for this wearing method.

Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver Specs

Next, let’s see the specs of Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver, but we want to mention that E4000 doesn’t come with an in-line microphone, so to use it for calls, you need to swap the cable. 1More Quad Core’s frequency range is from 20Hz to 40kHz, above what our ears can hear. Its sensitivity is 99db and an impedance of 32 ohms. It is comparable to E4000 with a sensitivity of 9db and impedance of 15 ohms. We can’t find the frequency response, but it is probably 20Hz to 20kHz.

Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver Sound Characters

Lastly, let’s see how the Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver perform. None of them are flat or neutral in sound character, and we think they tend to produce more bass, which is excellent for those who love this sound character. They are not extra boomy or tiring to listen to, but the Quad-Core has a slight tendency to get in this area even though it is still controlled for the most part. The E4000 sounds slightly tighter than Quad Core, with a soft touch on the mid-bass.

The mid-range is probably what these earphones are best at. The low-mid is stronger on Quad-Core, giving vocals and instruments a warm nuance but not interfering with the clarity and separation. The E4000 is more pleasant if you want the glory of pop songs because it pushes the vocals forward. Treble on these earbuds has a similar impact to the bass area, good without oversharp and sibilants, but there is nothing special about it either.

Final E4000 Vs 1More Quad Driver

Both Final E4000 and 1More Quad Driver are good earbuds for the price point. It is hard to ask more because they already offer quite a lot in the packaging. We think the two are more suitable for the general consumers who want high-quality earbuds but still prefer something with more character. We believe the two have similar sound characters and are best for music with dominant vocals and instruments. The bass is there, and they are pretty strong for monitoring purposes, but it also makes the music more fun.

- There is an acoustic resistor inside the rear housing of the driver unit, and this controls the low mid-range frequency characteristics that determine the framework of the sound quality.
- The MMCX connector was developed in-company. Taking touch noise into consideration, soft, flexible coated material has been employed.
- With their swing fit mechanism, the earpieces can be swung left and right and tilted towards the audio canal for a perfect fit.
- The small-aperture 6.4mm diameter dynamic driver unit boasts an extraordinarily high level of precision for this price range.
- FOUR DRIVERS - Diamond-like carbon dynamic driver (like mini speakers) + 3 balanced armatures (like mini tweeters) deliver unsurpassed dynamic power and definition.
- METICULOUS DESIGN - Streamlined aluminum sound chamber with perfected ergonomics ensures exceptional comfort and noise isolation.Rated Power:5 mW
- INTELLIGENT CONTROLS WITH MICROPHONE - Conveniently located in-line controls allow you to effortlessly change volume, skip songs, and make crystal clear calls.
- DELUXE ACCESSORIES - Luxurious Gift Box, Leather Traveling Case, 9 Ear Tip Sizes, ¼” and Airline Adaptors, Matching Shirt Clip.


There is no wrong decision since the two are comparable, but we recommend the Final E4000 because it can produce a better mid-range. The earbuds are also well-made and very comfortable. We like the design that allows you to route the cable above the ears and the ability to use different cables in case it gets damaged.

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