Final E4000 Vs Moondrop Starfield

IEMs like Final E4000 Vs Moondrop Starfield are ideal for upgrading your listening experience. These earbuds are comfortable and versatile for different types of users. They also sound pleasant, depending on your listening preference. Because they don’t sound the same and offer different aesthetics, let’s see below which you may like better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Buying Earbuds or IEMs
  • What are Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield
  • How is the Design of Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield
  • What are the Accessories from Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield
  • How is the Comfort of Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield
  • What else Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield can offer
  • How are the Sound Characters of Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield
  • Final E4000 Vs Moondrop Starfield

Earbuds and IEMs

Music is part of our life, and it is essential to make the listening experience enjoyable. If you invest in a music streaming service that can provide high-quality lossless audio files, getting something to complete the setup is wise. Nowadays, most people are listening from their compact devices such as portable music players and smartphones. Earbuds or headphones will be sufficient and convenient because we can use them indoors or outdoors, in the house, or while we travel.

IEMs are an excellent solution for you who want an elevated listening experience. They are essentially earbuds but with a better design. The housing is bigger than typical earbuds, and they enclose the ears to promote a proper fit and isolation. They are usually more expensive than consumer-level earbuds but most often sound better. Unlike regular earbuds, there can be several drivers in your IEMs to produce sound in different frequencies more accurately. They are usually flat or more neutral than earbuds and have a better soundstage.

IEMs are more popular as professional equipment to help performers hear their sound better on stage. But, they are versatile for everyone who wants to try the listening device. The fitting can be better than typical earbuds due to the design. The fitting and accessories are also better since you often get several accessories with the purchase, including a carrying case. The only drawback is that they are expensive so we need to spend more yet nowadays there are many new options in the entry-level price range.

 Final E4000Moondrop Starfield
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Product Dimensions0.47 x 0.98 x 0.39 inches
8.5 x 3.58 x 1.57 inches
Shipping Weight0.634 ounces 7.8 ounces

About Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield

We recommend trying the entry-level or affordable IEMs for new users because they are already a noticeable upgrade from the consumer-level earbuds. But you can always match the budget with preference because the more you pay, the better the overall quality, especially if you look for the most accurate or neutral monitor. Most IEMs will sound pretty good for casual users depending on your taste. Besides the sound quality, you may consider the IEMs or earbuds’ design.

For convenience, it is quick to shop based on your budget. Those who want compact earbuds with a dynamic driver at around $100 must consider the Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield. These earbuds are some of the most favorite items in this price range. They are not expensive, assuming that IEMs can cost far more. Still, they are ideal for you who want an elevated listening experience or looking for something to improve sound delivery, especially for high-quality audio files.

Many wonder whether the Starfield is worth the price, but we can say that it sounds as good as its look. The design of these IEMs can be distracting, so it is normal to doubt the performance, but we think it is an excellent choice for the price. Moondrop itself is a Chinese audio company that makes lots of different exciting options in the budget and mid-range. As impressive as it would be, the Starfield is a traditional IEM and not for you who want something cable-less.

We are personally not very familiar with Final E4000 and the brand itself. But, this model seems to be one of the company’s current flagships, along with the E5000. Final is a Japanese company, and this fact alone is quite attractive because Japanese products often have exceptional quality. The Final E4000 looks like regular earbuds but comes with a detachable cable like IEMs. We think it is good-sounding, but it doesn’t offer more than Starfield already has. Read also: AKG K712 vs K702 here.

Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield Design

Before checking up on what they can offer, let’s see the unit first. One of the best parts of Starfield is the appearance if you are into the aesthetic. We realize it is not for everyone, especially if you like something with a subtle look. But, subjectively, we think it is a gorgeous pair of IEMs. It has this galaxy blue paint that covers the whole housing. It has an exploding star graphic and Starfield’s name written on the other earbud.

On the other hand, Final E4000 looks like your typical earbuds. It has a long tube as the main housing and a cable jack at the bottom. Overall, it is a straightforward design, but we are worried about the protruding housing when fitted on ears. There is a Final logo printed on the housing and three hexagonal patterns at the back of the capsule. Each side is labeled with L or R to help the user separate the unit because they are identical.

Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield Accessories

Like most IEMs and expensive earbuds, the Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield are coming with more accessories with the purchase. For example, E4000 gives you a round silicone carry case and five pairs of earpieces. There is also a carabiner which can be helpful to carry the case and ear hook. E4000 is not sport-style earbuds, so the clip may be useful if you listen to it while on the go or exercising so the cable can get out of the way.

The most noticeable difference from their inclusion in the cable because E4000 has regular, rubbery cable while Starfield comes with a better stock cable; you don’t need a third-party cable anymore. You will get several different ear tips, a carrying case, and a clipper to help remove the ear tips in the box, which is also visually pleasing. The Starfield doesn’t need ear hooks because the design will route its cable to your ears’ top and back and keep the cord away for better comfort.

Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield Comfort

Comfort is also an important part to consider when buying a listening device that you will be wearing for hours. The Starfield is heavier than the E4000, but they stay comfortable. The E4000’s stock cable is low profile, and the socket is cylindrical to cause no disturbance. We feel it has an excellent fit whether the cable is down or routed over the ears. The ear tips can provide decent noise isolation, and overall it feels like typical earbuds with cable. The Starfield may be heavy, but it feels solid and durable.

The first experience wearing Starfield is weird because the casing is heavy, and you can feel it. It is not bad, but we need more time to get used to how it sticks to our ears. The housing is small enough to fit nicely on our ears, and we think most people will have no issue with the fitting. It is incredibly comfortable when you get used to the weight.

Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield Features

Because Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield are regular wired earbuds, there are no special features on the unit. There is no button to press to touch like with TWS. All the controls happen in your media player, like smartphones. Users can tweak the sound profile using a third-party sound app or the music player itself. The only feature of these earbuds is their ear tips because fitting can affect sound delivery and noise isolation. We recommend trying the ear tips and finding your best fit.

Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield Sound Characters 

Lastly is the essential sound performance from Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield. None of them are basshead earbuds because the low frequency is more laid back and relaxed. They are suitable for prolonged listening sessions because we don’t feel any fatigue that often results from a strong bass response. We think Starfield will benefit from an amp, especially if you want a more robust response from the low end. The most noticeable is their mid-range because the E4000 is more forward in this area.

Its mid-bass is stronger, which is great to make it sound more dynamic. The Starfield cannot produce the same response even with an additional amp, which makes this earbud not as satisfying, but some people probably prefer this moderate character. The Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield are best for vocals and instruments like an electric guitar. The separation and clarity are excellent, and we think they are perfect if your type of music is dominant on the higher frequency.

Final E4000 Vs Moondrop Starfield

Both Final E4000 and Moondrop Starfield are good options in the price range. The E4000 is currently more expensive than Starfield, but the sound, character and quality are very similar. The E4000 has a slightly better mid-range than Starfield, but the bass and high-end are about the same. The fit is also similar, but we need to get used to the weight of Starfield because it is heavier. The accessory is adequate, but the design of Starfield is more eye-pleasing.

- There is an acoustic resistor inside the rear housing of the driver unit, and this controls the low mid-range frequency characteristics that determine the framework of the sound quality.
- The MMCX connector was developed in-company. Taking touch noise into consideration, soft, flexible coated material has been employed.
- With their swing fit mechanism, the earpieces can be swung left and right and tilted towards the audio canal for a perfect fit.
- The small-aperture 6.4mm diameter dynamic driver unit boasts an extraordinarily high level of precision for this price range.
- Starfield is equipped with a 24AWG litz structure 4N purity OFC earphone cable, which ensures rich sound details and full dynamics.
- Super-sequential carbon nanotube array is a proud application technology in China, which allowing nanotubes as a micro material to be applied in macroscopic reality.
- Double-cavity structure of brass gold-plated inner cavity.
- Lightweight and high performance transducing structure


The decision is all yours because we like both earbuds. But, we recommend the Starfield because it has a better design and is more comfortable as the housing is flat to the ears. Its sound character is perfect for users who often listen to tracks with heavy vocals or instruments like guitars. It is currently more affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

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