FX Audio Dac X6 vs Fiio E10K

Most people tend to hear the music from the smartphone. Due to the bad quality speaker, some of them will use their headphones. Quality from headphones may vary, from clearly good, or disgustingly bad. Usually the quality comes with the price. The better the price, the quality will follow. But what most people don’t realize is, they can actually enhance the quality.

Some headphones actually have the potential to deliver a better audio quality. To do this, you need a small device called an amplifier. There’s so many of them available on the market, and can be really tricky to choose from. But, it’s easy to notice that the conquerors of the DAC market are the Chinese companies.

Even with an affordable price, they are still able to deliver a really good quality of amplifier, like the Fiio BTR 5 for example. Fiio is one company based in Guangzhou, China, producing audio-related electronic products. Their DACs can be said to be the best in the world, and many would already prefer this one than the others.

 But a king always has a rival. This time, it’s Feixiang. It’s a company based on the same country, bringing the same purpose. They bring the mini DAC called FX Audio DAC X6, said to be powerful and a strong contender in the market. It’s known for a reliable budget DAC that works well for desktop and headphones.

Today, we’re gonna set the arena for FX Audio DAC X6, facing the Fiio E10K. So which one of them is actually better than the other? Let’s check them out below:

FX Audio DAC X6

Arriving at 60 to 70 dollars price, the DAC X6 is attracting everybody. For the people who are new to the world of audiophile, or for the general market who want to enhance their music experience, the X6 is actually believed to be a really good product. Read also: Earstudio ES100 MK 2 vs Fiio BTR5.

In the purchase package, other than receiving the DAC itself, the users are also given the blue colored USB cable and a simple power supply. The USB cable doesn’t look like any cheap cables. It has a good quality, and seems to be dependable for a long time. The power supply is rather small, and really portable.

The buyers can choose whether to get the black or silver version. Black one looks more clean and elegant, and the silver look shows a more aesthetic modern aspect. For the looks, the FX Audio DAC X6 nailed with its steel and silver finishing. Making it look way better than the other generic builds. It’s really beyond an expectation of what the product under 100 dollars looks like.

 FX Audio Dac X6Fiio E10K
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Product Dimensions8.9 x 8.2 x 2.7 inches
0.98 x 0.39 x 2.28 inches
Shipping Weight1.5 pounds
1.55 ounces

The switches and knob are neatly placed, and colored with the same finishing as well. There’s the rubber materials on the bottom for anti-slippery. So the DAC will always sit in its place. It’s a really convenient desktop companion. With the characteristics and aesthetic look, it can be a great addition to your set up.

Right on the front side, you can find the switch for on and off, some input ports that include Coaxial, USB, and Output, the 6.55 mm headphone port, and the actual volume adjustment with knob. We don’t see this kind of knob in a very long time, since it always got replaced with a simple up and down button. This simple addition gives DAC X6 another unique characteristic.

The USB, Optical and Coaxial-in ports can be found on the back side, along with the DC in. All the ports have marks in them, colored in white. White and silver are not a good combination, so it can be harder to see.

About the sound, the Audio Dac X6is capable of bringing 24 bit or 96Khz sound quality. And the characteristics from this DCA is basically less bassy, but rich in the sounds clarity, airiness, and details. It’s really perfect for Orchestra music, and does well for other genres as well. It’s not as powerful, but still a great dependable and worth to buy product.

Fiio E10K

With the price around 50 to 80 dollars, you can buy a Fiio E10K. It’s a small and portable DAC, with the full black matte finishing all over. It has the traditional look of the classic DAC which can be really familiar for some people.With such an affordable price, it will look good for your desktop.

The Fiio E10K carries around a really compact build. It has a 3.1×0.8×1.9 inches dimension, which is really small. It’s weight-less as well, making it really portable and not limited to desktop usage. Powered up with a Lithium polymer battery, it can stay with you all day when you go out.

It’s completed with some ports like 3.5 mm jack, and the others. There’s something new though. A button for bass. Strangely enough, it’s in low letter. Unlike the usual where we can find bass usually written out with caps. But, it doesn’t generally show that it lacks bass power. Instead, it’s one of its core values.

This device works the best for a specific market, the bass fans. For the people who are falling for bassy hip hop music, Fiio E10K is the one for you. In order to spoil the bass lovers, Fiio even has the thing called bass boost that can, as you may expect it, increase the power of bass.

The powerful bass audio comes with much lesser detail and clarity. But it can still be tolerable, especially if you don’t give a think about these things. It still can support the 24 bits/96Khz as well, and may deliver a high quality audio for you. But since the price is limited, you can’t ask for more in terms of quality.

FX Audio Dac X6 vs Fiio E10K

- Unique Design:Compact and adaptable,ideal as a desktop unit for sending a signal out to PC speakers, or for use as a powerful headphone amp
- A variety of input and output modes: Amplifier can be PC-USB, optical fiber, coaxial three inputs, can be connected to TV set-top box, DVD, DCD; output mode has RAC, 6.35mm headphone port 2, can be connected to power amplifier, tube vacuum amp, active speaker.
- Chipset: The mini amplifier chip uses OPA2134PA+6120A2+CS4398+SA9023+OP275G to provide strong guarantee for tone input and output.
- Efficient protection and long life: The audio decoder uses OPA2134 and NE5532P two special op amps specially designed for audio. The op amp can be freely replaced and upgraded.
- CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 receiver designed to deliver studio-quality sound through your ears WIRELESS - using your existing wired headphones, earphones or even speakers.
- For greater power and detail resolution,the BTR5 features both balanced 2.5mm and single-ended 3.5mm outpts.
- Can be remotely controlled via FiiO Music app to swtich channel balance,8 different DAC lowpass filter and 10-band EQ
- FPGA precision clock management+OLED Displaying+9 hours battery life+2 microphones with cVC 8.0 noise cancellation


From the comparison above, we can see both bring their identity to be a great dependable DAC; But still, we think the FX Audio DAC X6 could win this round with its better audio quality with much richer and detailed sounds, plus the better aesthetic look which is obtainable as a collection. 


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