FX Audio DAC X6 Vs Topping D30

Having some DAC device can be the most amazing experience to enjoy your favorite music or other entertainment. If you are wondering that DAC is expensive, you may try the DAC from FX Audio and Topping D30. Both of them come at a reasonable price that suitable for your music entertainment.

This time, we will bring you into the most two popular DAC devices that come from the FX Audio DAC X6 and Topping D30. Let’s take a look closer into them in a short review below. So after that, you can decide which one has the most suitable for your needs.

FX Audio DAC X6

FX Audio DAC X6 is a kind of DAC device built for your leisure support. Not only you can enjoy listening to your favorite music, but you can also enjoy other home entertainment from your TV or laptop. It enhances the audio from any device of yours to be a wonderful sound to hear.

FX Audio DAC X6 is capable of decoding the audio with the decoder audio optical to RCA converter. It integrates perfectly with the high-quality amplifier that can fully support your music entertainment to enjoy. You will hear more dynamic music with a wonderful sound from your device better than before.

 FX Audio DAC X6Topping D30
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Product Dimensions8.9 x 8.4 x 2.7 inches10.94 x 7.8 x 2.99 inches
Shipping Weight1.35 pounds1.54 pounds

FX Audio DAC X6 brings the independent headphone Amp design that makes your music comes clearer to hear. It uses the OP Amp chip OP725 series and the headphone chip TPA 6120 combination. This makes the device drive about 32 ohms up to 600-ohm headphones audio rate sound.

Moreover, the independent headphone Amp function on the FX Audio DAC X6 is capable to reduce any noise and distortion. That makes you can hear a clearer sound than the natural sound from the music. Besides, it is also capable to increase the signal-noise ratio so that you will not be aware of these distortions.

FX Audio DAC X6 comes with an adjustable volume that you can adjust to whatever level you need. It doesn’t need any app or software to install on its and you can adjust the volume freely. The volume knob can be easily adjusted without any difficulty from the minimum up to the maximum ones.

The compatibility of FX Audio DAC X6 comes in a wider range than you can connect it to multiple devices. You can simply connect it to your smartphones, PC, TV, laptop, CD or DVD player, and many more. As long as your devices support the active speaker so that you can connect it away.

FX Audio DAC X6 has three kinds of input system that can be so easy to use. They are a specific optical input, coaxial input type, and input by PC-USB. All of them are quite simple to use which you only need to plug the jack on your devices. You can use one of those input systems to easier your way.

The dimension of the FX Audio DAC X6 comes in a light weightier way. It has about 8.9 x 8.4 x 2.7 inches and 1.35 pounds of weight. It has an RCA output and 6.35 mm of a headphone type. The price also comes in a reasonable way that starts from US$64 on Amazon,  which is worth to buy.

Topping D30

Topping D30 is a kind of DAC decoder that specializing in the development of music by the good manufactured. You can play music, share them, and enjoy your music entertainment differently by using this device. It has a unique design with three choices of colors in black, white, and silver.

Topping D30 comes with the Thesycon driver and XMOS CS4398 that integrates perfectly with the ES9018K2M and OPA2134. These features are capable to decode the sound into more dynamic audio that will sound better to hear. The RCA lineout parameter on this device makes it perfect to use in your home entertainment.

Topping D30 is compatible with both 16 and 32 bit native sound device. You can also connect it to your power amplifiers or headphone at your home to bring an amazing experience to enjoy music. If you are using a headphone, this device will increase the sound quality in a better way.

Topping D30 also capable of connecting with another device at your home with a USB port that available there. It has a coaxial and optical feature that capable to improve your favorite music and sound on the movie feel more real and natural. It will work perfectly with the USB interface at a great rate of 192 kHz of the maximum PCM signal.

If you already have an active speaker, you can connect the Topping D30 easily without using an adding App or software. The sound will come in a great way than before while you are not using this device. It also completes with two LED and two switches button that ready to use once you turn on the device.

The dimension of the Topping D30 comes in a light weightier size at about 10.94 x 7.8 x 2.99 inches and 1.54 pounds of weight. It also comes at a reasonable rate that starts from US$99 on Amazon which is great to pick ass your choice. Read also: Topping DX3 Pro vs D50.

FX Audio DAC X6 Vs Topping D30

- DIGITAL TO ANALOG CONVERTER—FX -AUDIO dac headphone amplifier is a dac digital to analog audio and headphone amp home audio all-in-one equipment, which converts digital signals into analog signals in the form of current, voltage or charge.Its internal circuit structure of headphone amplifier uses high-quality audio electronic components to ensure the stability of working performance.
- HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS—The mini usb dac audio converter for electric is made of oxidized brushed aluminum alloy material and PCB board adapts immersion gold craft, which has good moisture resistance, impact resistance and can work at higher temperatures, the 192khz dac converter for sound systems is not easy to oxidize, and has a long service life.
- HIGH RESOLUTION—The HiFi dac uses high-quality audio decoder chips, PC-USB, fiber optic coaxial, RCA digital signal input, digital decoding and high-capacity dedicated multiple delta-sigma modulator, making the total harmonic distortion and noise as low as 0.003 %, that improves the resolution and highly restores the true sound.
- ADVANCED CHIP COMBINATION—The headphone dac amp uses the CS8416 + CS4398 high-tech level chip combination, which improves the authenticity of the transmit effect. At the same time, the dual-chip combination of the op amp chip OP275 and the headphone amplifier chip TPA6120 can not only reduce distortion degree, increase signal-to-noise ratio, can also drive 32Ω-600Ω headphones.
- D30 support USB, Coaxial and Optical inputs with the rate of 16-24bit/44.1-192kHz.
- D30 only have 2 switch and 2 LED, these are already enough for operate and display.
- For technology problems, most DAC will has pop noise while switching DSD and PCM. We design a circuit which made of relay and electronic switch, it cut off all pop noise of D30, including turning on, turning off and switching DSD and PCM.
- D30’s shell is just like TOPPING other products, made by machining center and engraved by high power laser.

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that Topping D30 is a better way to pick than the FX Audio DAC X6. As it comes from the technology, Topping D30 comes in a more dynamic and clear sound quality than the FX Audio DAC X6’s sound quality.

You still get some noise background when using FX Audio DAC X6 which makes this device has a lack sound quality. It does not come with the Hi-fi resolution of the sound quality but lower than that.

Since the Topping D30 is a new brand DAC that was released recently, makes the device support the newest technology of audio and sound. You will hear a clearer sound without any distortion on them. Besides, it also has great connectivity through your headphone and other active speaker devices on your home.

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