Razer Seiren vs Blue Yeti

Nowadays, it is not that difficult to get your hands on excellent quality microphones. It is a top priority for twitch streamers or podcaster to have high standard audio equipment. It is important for streamers to deliver clarity so that your content can be enjoyed with ease. For that reason, Razer Seiren and Blue Yeti are the two contenders for the best microphones your money can buy.

It is interesting to compare these two microphones because they both offer you with excellent quality and competitive traits.  Razer Seiren and Blue Yeti are both condenser microphones that come with four polar patterns such as cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo. Which microphones will give you maximum value for your money?

 Razer Seiren Key Features

Razer Seiren is marketed as perfect recording device with top performance which can deliver recording clarity. This mics has an aluminum base which is capable to stabilize it and making sure that it will sit still without needing additional mic stand.

Razer Seiren is designed to be capable of meeting professional voice artists and musicians expectation.  It is also capable of delivering satisfying performance for professional YouTuber and Twitch Streamers. It is a robust and firm quality microphone for all professions.

This microphone has a dimension of only 4.7 x 4.7 x 11.7 inches or 120 x 120 x 297 mm. It has excellent frequency range response between 15hz to 22khz. With the aluminum stand, the weight of this mics is perfect, 2.91 lbs.

Razer Seiren is a sturdy mics which presumably can survive accidental drop at certain height. The small size and weight make Razer Seiren to be a nimble microphone which you can move around easily to suit your needs.

 Razer SeirenBlue Yeti
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Product Dimensions4.1 x 7.7 x 8.4 inches
4.3 x 3.8 x 8.3 inches
Shipping Weight1.86 pounds2.2 pounds

Blue Yeti Key Features

Blue Yeti is marketed as a top quality microphone which can record to your computer using Blue Microphone’s Yeti USB Microphone technology. It also equipped with thee Blue Microphone’s proprietary tri-capsule technology that is very capable of producing pristine and clear, studio-quality recordings.

Blue Yeti comes in four different pattern settings which mean that it is quite customizable to suit your needs.  Depending on which pattern you use, you can record vocals, instrumental music, podcasts, or interviews by using only this one microphone. Normally you will need multiple microphones to do all those tasks.

Blue Yeti comes in similar dimension as Razer Seiren, 5 x 5.5 x 10 inches or 127 x 140 x 254 mm. This mics is heavier than the Razer Seiren however. It has the weight of 3.4 lbs. In terms of frequency response, this mic has the ability in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. See also: Zoom H4n vs H4n Pro.

The Blue Yeti has a simple control when it comes to headphone volume, pattern selection, and instant mute. This mic is simple and user friendly and moreover it is capable of producing high quality output. This mic is not only easy to use but it can also create superb audio output in real-time.

Razer Seiren and Blue Yeti Common Features

Both Razer Seiren and Blue Yeti share several similarities in terms of their features and abilities. These two mics are considered to be very sensitive and both need a filter to reduce background noise which can disturb recording process. The filter will ensure you to acquire clear and pristine sound quality.

As we have mentioned before, both mics come in similar dimension and both are heavy. Razer Seiren and Blue Yeti are suitable for professionals due to their sturdiness and robust design.

Blue Yeti and Razer Seiren have similar recording patterns, maximum and minimum frequency response. Both system requirements are also the same. In terms of recording sample rate, Blue Yeti is as capable as Razer Seiren. Both mics are simple to use. Both Blue Yeti and Razer Seiren do not need for latency monitoring.

Razer Seiren and Blue Yeti can be mounted on all kind of mic stand.  Razer Seiren does have the aluminum stand which already gives this particular mics stability but it still can be mounted on different stand just like the Blue Yeti.

Razer Seiren and Blue Yeti Key Features Comparison

One of the main differences between Razer Seirend and Blue Yeti is in their USB port technology. The Razer Seiren is equipped with micro USB port which is compatible with most modern devices and plugins. The Blue Yeti comes only with the standard USB.

Blue Yeti is also lacking in cable department. Its cable is prone to breaking than the one in Razer Seiren if you accidentally pull it. Razer Seiren comes with braided cable which makes it more durable.

The Razer Seiren is simpler to use compared to the Blue Yeti due to its screen placement. In Razer Seiren, the screen is placed in front and it shows your current pattern setting.

In term of sound quality, Blue Yeti can produce sound output which is more articulate. If you want to make sure that your pronunciation can be heard in a more natural and clearer way, Blue Yeti is your friend.

If you are game streamer or youtuber who does not necessarily care about articulation, Razer Seiren is capable mics to use. Razer produces warmer and boomer audio output. This difference between the two is however quite subtle, only expert may spot the differences.

In the long-term use, Blue Yeti is much more durable when it comes to the mics itself. Razer Seiren is thought to be more fragile compared to the one in Blue Yeti.

Razer Seiren vs Blue Yeti

- Super cardioid pickup pattern sound is recorded at a tighter angle, reducing unwanted background noise and providing crisp clear audio
- Built in shock mount dampens vibrations to help protect your stream against sound abnormalities
- Compact and sleek delivers superior audio broadcasting in a compact form factor
- perfect for podcasting, game streaming, Skype calls, YouTube or music
- No-latency headphone output, headphone volume and mic mute
- Standard threading for Radius III Shock Mount and/or Compass Boom Arm


Razer Seiren and Blue Yeti offer you with quite similar features. In terms of price, Razer Seiren is more expensive compared to the Blue Yeti. Razer Seiren has an MSRP of $179.99, while the Blue Yeti is only $129.99.

Razer Seiren is without a doubt a capable and modern mics. It is capable of performing well in most situations. Blue Yeti however is also a capable mics which give you similar features to Razer Seiren with much less money.

The subtle differences between the two put Blue Yeti on top due to its cheaper price while still able to give you features almost as good as in the one in Razer Seiren. Its durability and its voice articulation clarity put Blue Yeti in top spot which makes it perfect for professionals.

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