Rode PodMic vs AT2020

Microphone is a crucial part in your home studio as its main purpose is to capture sound but depending on the unit, the quality may vary as well due to the difference in product performance. For streamers or podcasters out there, Rode PodMic Vs AT2020 will be an amazing option to start with as they offer good quality at a decent price point. If you are also eyeing these microphones, go check what they can offer here and pick the one that seems to fit your preference the most.

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  • Rode PodMic Vs AT2020

Microphone for Content Maker

Nowadays you can create various content on the internet depending on which subject you are currently focusing or having an interest in. We can share these content easily be it video, audio, or just in a form of articles but seeing the current trend, it seems that streaming and podcast are two of the most popular content made and enjoyed by lots of people. If you are planning to open a channel, it is a good time to start considering the gear or tools needed.

One important equipment all video and audio content makers have is a microphone and if you ever watched a video or listen to an interesting podcast but the sound causes discomfort or distracting, then you will know how a decent microphone will help in the application. Gamers need reliable microphones to communicate with each other but content makers need it to deliver the message or content to a wider audience. For those who are more serious into the game, having a dedicated microphone will be a great start to improve your content quality.

A good microphone has to be able to capture your sound clearly so the other parties can distinguish and understand what we are talking about and the less noise they make, the better they are in performance. Voice only recording however, is not as difficult as for example music recording and for podcast or streaming content, any decent standalone microphone should be able to deliver the benefit yet, performance levels can vary among manufacturers and models including how they are connected and powered.

 Rode PodMicAT2020
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Product Dimensions9 x 6 x 4 inches
9.6 x 9.6 x 2.6 inches
Shipping Weight2.91 pounds
1.76 pounds

Microphone or Headset

If this still sounds overwhelming for your starting journey, there is always an option to reach for and while we personally not recommending any headset to be your tool to record and monitor the audio quality at once, it is also true that this is the most available and common option that most or the majority of people already have in their room. However, if you want to start low or not sure whether to commit yet, USB headsets will be a great choice to begin with.

Many 3.5mm types can be decent but since they are very dependent on the soundcard in our computer, the sound quality can be less reliable but if you already have a good soundcard then chances are any of our favorite headset will work just fine. By investing in a good USB headset like PC 7 from Logitech, even when you are not going to use the microphone again for various reasons later, we can at least still use the headphone function for music listening activity.

About Rode PodMic and AT2020

The best microphone is not the most expensive or widely used one because while these units indeed seem interesting and attractive, our personal needs and budget will play an important role as well. Rather than jumping head first into something that you are not fully sure yet, it is wise to start slowly and little by little building our setup with better products and more knowledge on whatever we are doing including when choosing the next compatible hardware, software, etc.

With how many manufacturers are introducing new products and the current streaming trend, you can find lots of options available in the market both those in the beginner lineup to those made for seasoned players. Talking about microphones, two first brands that come to our mind are Rod and Audio Technica as they are very well-known in the market even before the trend is happening. They are offering great audio equipment and one shines the most is their microphone.

To make sure everyone including people who just want to start their journey, these brands also carry various affordable models in the catalogue and if you plan to spend $100 or less, Rode PodMic and AT2020 will be an amazing choices. They are very affordable but also sound good so you don’t have to sacrifice much yet still getting the improved audio quality. These desktop microphones are ideal for podcasters or streamers who want to have the simplest setup.

As the name suggests, the PodMic from Rode is indeed designed for podcasters and the first thing we notice about this microphone is its type which is dynamic so we guess that it can be great as well for game streaming since dynamic usually doesn’t pick up too much of sounds. On the other hand, AT2020 is probably the favorite of many, not only in content making but also for music production especially vocal recording because its audio quality is very reliable for different purposes. 

Rode PodMic and AT2020 Design

While affordable products are always eye-catching due to the price tag, we want Rode PodMic and AT2020 to stay long in your setup and starting with built quality, they are very amazing as well. PodMic comes with the mounting for 5/8 and 3/8 threading attached to the unit combined with a sturdy casing as well as robust grill. The body and grill are all metal and the mounting system can be adjusted or articulated to rotate almost at 340 degree.

Similarly, the AT2020 from Audio Technica is also made with a full metal body and comes with a stand adapter to ease the mounting system. The mounting system is not directly built in the unit but you can articulate the position as well when done being installed properly. To let you carry or store the unit safely, this model comes with a good pouch but, somehow there is no cable here and if you decide to buy any of these mics, make sure to also get an XLR cable to make them work.

Rode PodMic and AT2020 Setup

The first thing we want to mention here is the installation because Rode PodMic and AT2020 are going to need something in between the unit and computer and these two are using XLR cable so before plugging in the main device, we have to put an audio interface such as the PreSonus Studio Vs Focusrite Scarlett. Especially for the latter, this is a condenser microphone and has active electronics that require an external power source hence it needs phantom power to supply it.

Rode PodMic and AT2020 Performance 

Moving further, let’s check what these microphones can offer and starting with their specification first, both of them are going to capture all audible sound on human ears from 20Hz to 20KHz while also coming in cardioid pattern. The microphone design or capsule may look similar but they are different because the ideal placement of AT2020 is standing in an upright position while the PodMic captures most of the sound from the top so you have to mount it in a rather flat position. 

Sound quality and performance wise, both of them are great for capturing sound especially voice and side by side, they are very much comparable that we do think they are equally reliable for the same podcast or game streaming. They capture a slight sound from the back of the capsule if you are going to use the keyboard while recording or streaming. What’s a little bit different is when you are playing an instrument like acoustic or electric guitar.

The acoustic sound especially sounds deeper in the AT2020 and it gives a richer nuance to the chord you are playing but less distinguishable for the electric part. However, it doesn’t mean that the PodMic sounds bad because it is not at all and overall for just a demo, we do think it is a decent microphone to use. If you can invest in an audio interface, we also recommend investing in a pop filter because it will improve the audio quality very well.

Rode PodMic and AT2020 Features

The last point we want to talk about is their features but unfortunately, there is no such thing on either Rode PodMic or AT2020 probably because they are solely made as desktop microphone and there are no built-in controls as well for better convenience. Some models such as Yeti have various patterns to choose or volume knob but none of these models have. They also don’t have any headphone jack so the only way to monitor it is from the computer.

Rode PodMic vs AT2020

These are an amazing microphone to try because they are capable of delivering a good sound quality and for the podcasting application, we do think they are equally reliable. AT2020 is a condenser microphone so it will need phantom power but since PodMic only has XLR connectivity, it also requires an audio interface to work. Sounds quality are pretty much the same but AT2020 has better depth especially for acoustic and vocals in case you will be recording music with them.

- Features an internal pop filter to minimise plosives
- An internal shockmounting to reduce vibration
- Optimised for use with the RØDECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio
- Also offers exceptional results with any high-quality microphone interface
- The price/performance standard in side address studio condenser microphone technology
- Ideal for project/home studio applications; The noise level is 20 db spl
- High spl handling and wide dynamic range provide unmatched versatility
- Custom engineered low mass diaphragm provides extended frequency response and superior transient response


You can pick any of them if the purpose is for streaming or podcasting audio content but if you will be using them for music recording, we highly recommend Audio Technica AT2020 as it is better in this application, moreover it is cheaper than PodMic.

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