Rode Videomic vs Procaster

Speaking about a microphone, especially if you use it for podcast activity, you will find that there is a various brand available in the market, including Rode. If we talk specifically about rode, then several people will manage to compare between Rode Modmic VS Procaster. These two products come from the same fabulous microphone brand. Therefore, nobody feels doubt about the capability of both products. Even though each product might not become very similar. That is why if you planning to select between these items, it will be better to check on the details first. For further information and a detailed overview of Rode Modmic VS Procaster, check first on the explanation below.

About Rode

Before discussing the product, it will be good to have a little introduction with the mother brand first. Rode is one of the reputable companies that produce various kinds of microphones. This Australian company has been launched studio microphones, live microphones, and mobile microphones too. Not only that, but it also produces various accessories and apparel to support audio activity.

Lasts for more than 50 years, Rode has been established the brand and making selling to more than 117 countries around the world. Including to sell the studio microphones Podmic and Procaster. If you want to get any details about these two products, the following paragraphs will help to bring you a better overview of each feature and specifications.

Rode Videomic Features

Start from the Road Modmic series, which manages to be a broadcast-grade dynamic microphone designed for podcast applications. This product is completed with a built-in pop filter and a rich sound that will able to give a silky and professional quality of sound. 

This series can be used with any XLR interface. It also able to optimized for use with the new Rode Caster Pro™. According to the official webpage, the following lists are mean to be the features.

  • Build for podcasting, the basic idea in designing the Pod Mic is to create the ultimate Podcasting microphone. Durable, great-sounding, plus an easy product to use and flexible as much as it can. Any kind of broadcast and streaming method, the Pod Mic will deliver a balanced and vocal tone result.
  • Solid construction, built with all-metal construction, the product also completed with a robust swing-arm for ultimate flexibility and convenience.
  • The end-fire dynamic capsule is protected by a stainless steel mesh grille and an integrated pop shield, allowing you to get up close to the microphone for the best result of sound.
  • Integrated Podcast Production Console. The Pod Mic will give great results with any XLR interface but has been optimized for use with the new RØDECaster Pro integrated podcast production console.
 Rode Videomic Rode Procaster
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Product Dimensions12 x 4 x 5 inches
4.88 x 7.88 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight12 ounces
1.64 pounds

Procaster Features 

  • The next product to compare is the Procaster series. As one of the products from Rode, it is one of the newest launched studio microphones that use mainly for podcast activity. According to the official webpage, this series launched with several marvelous specifications compare to Rode Podmic. The detailed features and specifications including the following items.
  • The product launch with a broadcast quality sound. Therefore, it is a suitable series to perform any broadcast activity.
  • High output dynamic capsule to help to bring the best sound output.
  • Completed with a balanced and low impedance output.
  • The product consists of an internal shock mounting of the capsule. This helps the user to get a low handling noise for the final result.
  • Equipped with internal pop-filter that helps to reduce plosives sound.
  • Robust construction completed with all-metal material for a safe and strong design.

Main Differences

When comparing two series of Rode, the main important thing is to check on the main difference. That is why, after checking on the above lists of features, it can be seen that the main differences between Rode Podmic VS Procaster are as the following lists:

  • Frequency range, one thing that easy to look at is the different frequency range between the two products. Rode Podmic can use in a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. While Procaster manages to use in a frequency range of 75 Hz to 18 kHz. It means that Rode Podmic manages to be used in a wider range of frequencies.
  • Physical dimension and weight. If you carefully compare at Rode Podmic VS Procaster, you will find that Rode Podmic is a larger size and of course heavier. 
  • Another difference is the warranty period. If you buy the Rode Podmic series, it is equipped with 2 years extended warranty. But if you get the Procaster series, you will get a one-year warranty with free extension to 10 years. 


Not only comparing the features but it also important to check on the price too. That is why many of the users considering the price first before making a final decision. For your information, the Rode Podmic series is available in the market with a price of $100. While Procaster is now selling for $230. Therefore, it will be quite significant to decide to buy the Procaster series rather than the Rode Podmic series. That is why many people want to make sure that Procaster is worth buying a product.

Rode Videomic vs Procaster

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- A professional grade 1/2" condenser shotgun microphone designed for use with consumer video cameras and personal audio recorders
- The Rycote Lyre shock mounting system provides isolation from external factors that may cause unwanted rumble and vibrations
- The standard sized shoe mount also includes a 3/8" thread in the base for easy mounting on a boom pole or stand
- Featuring a tight polar pattern and tailored-for-voice frequency response
- Perfect for every application where a great sounding, rugged microphone with superior ambient noise
- Internal shock mounting of capsule for low handling noise
- Internal pop-filter to reduce plosives


After reading the above information, it is then easy to conclude that between Rode Podmic VS Procaster, it will depend on your available budget first. Both are suitable to perform broadcast activity. If you have limited money, then Rode Podmic is a quite good selection to choose from. But if you prefer a good quality of sound and have no problem with the budget, then Procaster is a better selection. Since it will manage clearer sound and less noise.

In the end, you need to justify whether a minimum feature will be sufficient for you. Otherwise, if you prefer a professional result for broadcast, it is recommended to use Procaster. Since Rode Podmic will be good enough for any personal broadcast, but still slightly less on sound quality than Procaster. That is why identifying your needs is the major concern on this thing. Remember, the price difference is more than $100, this leads the users to be wise enough in deciding the suitable one.


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