Samson G Track Pro vs HyperX Quadcast 

Goes together to the digital era, the number of digital workers increase rapidly. Such as, youtuber and podcaster. The eagerness to make a proper video, with a high-quality pictures, films and sounds, attach them to complete what a proper video need. One of them is a microphone.

There are a lot kind of microphone. Coming with various type, various price and function. One is suitable to the music cover, sometimes do not match for a gamer or broadcaster. Here, we are going to get you know more about microphone, coming from Samson G Track Pro and HyperX Quadcast, seeing by:

Now, let’s talk a bit deeper

Samson G Track Pro

Coming with a very simple design, a square shape and a slightly curved in the corners, makes this Samson G Track Pro looks very cool and stylish even in the simplest design. Dominated with black color, increases its coolness. 

What are you looking for? Just microphone? Or more than that? This Samson G Track Pro is not just a microphone. This is more than that. Its function as a microphone, audio interface and also on-board mixer answer all your pray. This is a bit unique. Unlike the other version, this Samson G Track pro possible the user to record and stream podcast, audio games, music instrument, vocal singer and furthermore, a professional broadcaster, this is all in one. Read also: Samson Q2U vs Shure SM58

This Samson G Track Pro is completed with 3 types of sound mode. The first is called Cardioid, this mode is used to record a sound directly in front of mouth. The second one is called Bi Directional Figure-8, this mode is used to record a sound from both front side and back side. 

This mode is suitable for recording a podcast or broadcaster who just have one microphone in case of needing two. Your problem is answer. This possible you to share microphone with a guest of a co-broadcaster. The last is called Omni directional, this mode is used when you are willing to take a specific sound. This mode will take all the noise around, for cleaner result. This possible you to take a specific music instrument without any noise sound.

 Samson G Track ProHyperX Quadcast 
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Product Dimensions11 x 6 x 6 inches
5 x 4 x 9.8 inches
Shipping Weight3.53 pounds
1.57 pounds

This Samson G Track Pro is completed with on-board button consoler. This feature possible the user to jump directly from one mode to other mode base on the needed. No need an operator when you are needing various sound mode while recording, you may do it by yourself. Also, this Samson G Track is supported with audio interface. This possible the user to connect music instrument for music cover, both recording and streaming. 

The on-board button controller mentioned above, combining with an audio interface feature, possible the user to choose over sent the whole combination music recording like one song, or separated recording. LED light in this Samson G Track Pro also possible the user to monitor one voice. 

When it is green, means that it is ready and being used. When it is red, means that the sound was cut or clipped. And when it is yellow, means that you are mute. This truly useful to detect a sound distraction while recording. Then the mistake like a clipped sound or un recorded sound could be avoided by seeing the sign of its color.

This Samson G Track Pro capable to connect itself to another supported device, possible the user to monitor one sound by computer or mobile phone. No lag and run fast, those are what Samson G Track Pro was claimed. Furthermore, some customers have proven it. No more doubt. What else? This Samsons G Track Pro also has been proven as no blowing listener’s eardrum. This possible the user to not always adjust the volume. 

Seeing all those nice features provided by this Samson G Track Pro, it seems suitable for every needed. Unfortunately, this was not completed with microphone tripod, possible the user to put this microphone only on the desk, makes this Samson G Track Pro looks un suitable for a studio room. But if you are recording or streaming a podcast, or doing some music instrument, a gamer, even a professional broadcaster, this microphone coming from Samson G Track Pro looks very legit for you. 

This Samson G Track pro cost $109.00. Seeing the features and some customers review who says how excellent this microphone. This product is truly worth the price. This is an amazing offer, even suitable for professional broadcaster. This is truly press down your budged. 

HyperX Quadcast

Similar to the precious one Samson G Track Pro, this HyperX Quadcast is also coming with a very nice design. A cylinder shape like the most common microphone, do not less any coolness. This HyperX Quadcast is also dominated with black color. Compare to the previous one, both are coming with its best design. 

Unlike the previous one Samson G Track pro who has a lot function, this HyperX Quadcast come with specific function. Just like this Hyper Quadcast is born special for gamer and youtuber. If you are a professional gamer or youtuber who is looking for a proper microphone to support your audio quality, this product is suitable for you.

Similar to Samson G Track Pro, this HyperX Quadcast is completed with Cardioid sound mode, this mode is used to record a sound directly in front of mouth. Unfortunately, the Bidirectional Figure-8 is not available in this type. So, if you need two microphones for you and your guest, you might not share your microphone, you should have two. The good news is, this Cardioid mode itself, is capable to reach further sound, compare to the previous version, capable to reduce noise sound until 5db. 

Unlike the previous one, Samson G Track Pro which surprises us with its various features. This HyperX Quadcast comes with less features, just like its function which is more specific, the features involved just support its function. Also supported with LED light, this HyperX Quadcast possible the user to monitor one sound. As a USB-microphone, sure this feature makes this easier. You do not need an additional plug for USB.

Seeing its function and features, that HyperX Quadcast is suitable for gamer and youtuber only. Music cover, recording station and professional broadcaster are not recommended to own this. But if you need a microphone to upgrade sound quality for a proper video posted in YouTube. This microphone HyperX Quadcast is truly legit for you. 

This HyperX Quadcast costs $139.00. This is a bit more expensive than the previous one Samson G Track Pro. But, seeing that Samson G Track Pro’s multi-function and various features, makes the gaps between $139.00 and $109.00 sounds too much. This is much more expensive, to be honest. Anyway, if you are in the high intention to be a professional youtuber, this microphone is still worth.

Samson G Track Pro vs HyperX Quadcast 

- All-in-one: Professional USB microphone with audio interface. Record your voice and instrument at the same time.
- The right mic: Ideal for streaming, gaming, podcasting, and recording music
- At your fingers: Front panel mixer with microphone level, instrument level and headphone volume controls. Selectable Mono or 2-Track recording modes and Direct Monitor On/Off.
- Built for the studio: Dual 1" (25mm) condenser capsules with three selectable pick up patterns - Cardioid (unidirectional), bidirectional and omnidirectional
- Tap to mute sensor with LED indicator
- Four selectable polar patterns
- Mount adapter included
- Convenient gain control adjustment


Both are coming with different function, suitability and sure, their price. Taking back to what you are looking for and what this microphone you will use the most are the answer. If you need a microphone for broadcasting or music cover, Samson G Track pro is suitable for you. But if you need a microphone to upgrade your video sound, HyperX Quadcast is suitable for you. 

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