Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B

One of the most important equipment when building a home studio is the monitor because they are the one we used to listen critically and help mastering the mixes. Many people prefer to use a speaker but it doesn’t mean we can’t use headphones as well since the sound they produce is what’s important. If you also like headphones better as monitor, Samson SR850 Vs Superlux HD668B are two great options to have in your setup but, before shopping, see what each of them can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need a monitor for a home studio setup
  • What are Samson SR850 and Superlux HD668B
  • What Samson SR850 and Superlux HD668B Look Like
  • How are the Sound Quality of Samson SR850 and Superlux HD668B
  • Are Samson SR850 and Superlux HD668B Comfortable
  • Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B

Studio Setup

Being a musician is many people’s dream and like many other goals, the path we have to walk is not going to be easy since we never know what comes next. However, the hardship is what shapes us, hopefully for a better person which may sound generic but it is indeed true. Music is an art and we have our own taste or thinking to interpret them which makes it more interesting for different people can caught different meaning behind something.

We enjoy listening to music because they are improving our mood, help us recalling some events in the past, or just as a nice tune to bop at a party; the choices are all out there and we are free to choose. Casual listeners like many of us may don’t need much on the equipment bag because with a smartphone or MP3 players and an output we can already listen to our favorite playlist almost anytime whether at home, while commuting, or at the office to help focus.

It is of course different for musicians since we will need more equipment at home which are used to produce the songs and it can varied widely among artists depend on their genre and personal preference. Many of us prefer a standard basic home studio with a collection from inputs like microphone to a set of speaker monitors to handle all the work from recording, mixing, and monitoring the final results but, there are also those who want to keep things simple with multi-track recorders like Tascam-DP03SD Vs DP-008EX.

This kind of equipment is simplifying the jobs because we don’t have to use an interface and computer to record and mix for it already have the tools packed into one box. Its best point is simple and convenient for people who are moving a lot and can’t carry all of the gears we used at home but, for less demanding users, a simple home studio setup with a reliable equipment will provide more options especially on the recording features or those we get from computer programs.

What’s stay the same is we will need a good monitor to listen to the sound being recorded whether using a multi-track recorder or recording in a computer. Depend on the users, it can be speaker or headphones but one thing for sure, we are looking for those with flat response or at least fairly flat across the frequency because its purpose is not enhancing the songs but to listen critically if there is anything that needs to be done on the mix.

About Samson SR850

Not only for musicians, a fairly flat monitor whether it is the speaker or headphones is also attractive in the eyes of hobbyist or those who prefer to listen to their favorite songs as it is without getting too much color from the monitor themselves. While the most consumer based product are made to show the best part of your mix, this type of output will not and due to the huge demand, there are so many of them out there.

If checking one by one is a hassle, we can see what the other similar users are choosing because then we can eliminate irrelevant options for faster shopping. If you are looking for a headphone used for monitoring on budget or prefer something with a more open sound quality, one of the best choices will be Samson SR850 which is a semi-open back headphones from this reliable brand and is made for anyone who need headphones that are going to deliver your mix as it is without having to pay much, such as when getting a pair of studio monitors.

It may not going to fit a very demanding users both audiophiles and professionals but at the price range, we can’t ask for much either. However, native to its design, the first thing we love from this headphone is its comfort level because compared to a regular closed-back, the ears doesn’t feel too warm in  a prolonged use as well as stay nicely airy even straight out of the box.

Samson SR850 Design

When you see Samson SR850 for the first time, it is somehow clear that this headphone is not made with premium quality but it does similar to those we can find from AKG due to its metal bands which is great for durability. It has a fairly wide ear cups in which the case is made mainly from plastic and as you can see, there is a perforated cover at the back so it is called a semi-open. It has some fake leather as the head padding but there is no additional cushioning. 

Samson SR850 Sound Quality

As an open back, this headphone is not made for recording but rather to mix and listen to your favorite songs since the sound will leaks. On the sound quality, Samson SR850 is coming with a 50mm drivers with an open ear design to deliver a solid sound quality with 32 watt impedance. As for the frequency response range, it is from 10Hz to 30kHz which is already good for a headphone at this price and on the sound quality, it surprisingly big and generous.

When tested on studio, the headphones are also quite reliable to let the user hear the details of their mixings such as breathing, mouth noises and literally those voices we often find on a recorded tracks. It is also suitable for the general music genres including acoustic, electronic, and even orchestral. Its treble is detailed with a full bass coming from below and some people can even listen to those often missed when using speakers compared to this headphone.

Samson SR850 Comfort

On the comfort level, Samson SR850 is not going to be the most comfortable headphones out there such as MDR-1A and Bose’s QC 35 but it doesn’t mean we can’t wear the headphones for long because the over ear design combined with semi-open back is indeed providing some air circulation through the components which makes it less warm in a prolonged use. We don’t feel the head clamp being too tight either but those with bigger head may want to let the headband to warm up a little before getting the same level of comfort.

About Superlux HD668B

Because we have so many options out there, it is always wise to also check what the other manufacturers are offering because then we can compare and see if any of them will attract your attention/fit the application better or if you need to move forward. For semi-open headphone, one of the best options will be Superlux HD668B which is equally affordable compared to SR850 above. This model is a very good option for people who want to spend less yet still have a pleasant sound quality.

Superlux HD668B Design

Similar like some popular headphones out there, this model is also coming with a very common design we see on semi-open back with almost no aesthetic side. This model however, is made mostly from plastic but with metal headband in which there is cushioning on top to help fit your head better. The ear cups are also big and seems very comfortable but when you see its left cup, there is male 3.5 mm jack connector which is quite unique since commonly it is female and the cable is male.

Superlux HD668B Sound Quality

Superlux HD668B is offering a wide frequency range from 10Hz to 30kHz while the driver to deliver you the sound is 50mm we also see in SR850. Like what you can expect from a semi-open back, the highs of this headphone sound excellently bright with a good amount of details while the mid is very nice and inviting with warm feeling and has no harshness. As for the bass, the driver is working surprisingly well to give you full body and still have some punch without getting all over the place. 

Superlux HD668B Comfort

On the comfort level, this headphone is weighing around 8 ounces which is very light and since it is inspired by Audio Technica, the headband we see on the sample picture above is very robust with good construction quality, making a long hour of listening doesn’t feel tiring at all. While it seems to have a tight fit which is kind of true out of the box, over time it will adapt to your head size while the padding is nice to cushion the head top.


Now, let’s compare Samson SR850 with Superlux HD668B. As you may already know, both of them are a nice pick when you want to spend less but don’t sacrifice the sound quality. They are equally comfortable and has a satisfying sounds but shines the most on their highs with the later has detachable cable which is not present on Samson and while Superlux have padding, we actually find Samson more comfortable.

Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B

- 10Hz-30kHz frequency response, Self-adjusting headband for a secure, comfortable fit
- 32 Ohm impedance, 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch gold plated adapter included
- 50mm drivers for exceptional reproduction and wide dynamic range
- Natural, spatial and accurate sound. Connectivity Technology: Wired
- Pleasantly natural trebles
- Unobtrusive, natural strings and wind instruments


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us are going to have the same preferences but, when comparing the two, we do like Samson SR850 better even though Superlux has the same sound quality since we find the first headphone more comfortable without additional padding especially for bigger heads.

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