Is it safe to say that you are a multi-tasker? At that point, perhaps you are searching for a recorder that can record two sounds all at the same time. You might like to account on a different unit rather than straightforwardly onto PC. You might have a PC that is a couple of years old and you do not think it has the ability to do recording quite well. 

With regard to the portable account, there are two different ways to handle the errand. The first is to utilize a versatile arrangement that mirrors the center of your studio like workstation, mic, and sound interface.

This arrangement is a decent one regarding highlights and recording choices. However, it is lumbering and not perfect should you have to get going immediately. The other choice is to go for a rearranged, versatile portable recording gadget. 

The TASCAM DP 008 and ZOOM R8 are the perfect hardware for you. Also, you can utilize these two for multi-track activities of up to 8 tracks.

Not certain what that implies or how enormous an arrangement both recorders are. However, there are always favorable circumstances for these two options. So, which one will serve you best? TASCAM DP 008 vs ZOOM R8? 

Is ZOOM R8 worth the additional expense? What is the upside of “sound interface” in TASCAM DP 008? What would you be able to do with one that you could not possibly do with the other? We are about to find out. 


On the off chance that you are on the chase for a multitrack recorder that you can take voyaging, you should look at this one.  


  • Permits concurrent account of tracks  
  • Permits track playbacks and concurrent blending  
  • Has two offset XLR with 48v ghost power and two uneven receivers, line, and guitar  
  • Has the two RCA line and 1/8-inch stereo earphone in addition to USB  
  • Has a test pace of 44.1 kHz  
  • Has a 16-piece bit rate  
  • Has 6 reverbs, 2 band racking equalizer, de-esser, exciter, blower, and mastering 
  • Has inside impacts send  
  • USB is intended for the exchange of records as it were  
  • Has an SD/SDHC card stockpiling medium  
  • Can export tracks to PC  


  • This model works utilizing 4 AA batteries and has a nice battery life, except if you utilize the unit’s capacity for outside mouthpieces.  
  • The TASCAM DP 008 has two jack contributions for the line level and mouthpiece network. One attachment can be moved to the instrument and you can utilize it on your console or your guitar.  
  • There are likewise two omnidirectional receivers that are incorporated into the unit situated on the recorder’s front belt. The entire troupe is sufficient for chronicle tunes that have recently been composed or to oversee demo exhibitions.  
  • This unit has two XLR mouthpiece inputs which enable artists to make quality sound accounts by methods for outer receivers. The unit is additionally increasingly adaptable with regards to yields since it has stereo RCA associations that are invaluable in a home setting.  
  • It likewise incorporates a USB port for conveying information to and from the unit. In any case, this will not give the capacity to the unit or enable clients to utilize it as a control board with a PC.  
  • The model highlights sound preparing which is uplifting news for genuine performers. It has exciter, de-esser, and elements to place into your assortment of work.  
  • It also has a phenomenal reverb and equalizer which makes such blending and following easy. Most of the clients who were happy with their TASCAM DP 008 remarked that the unit was a simple task to utilize, brings unrivaled sound quality, has proficient battery life and has a decent choice of impacts.  


  • There were a few clients who whined that the unit has moderate export capacities. As per a couple of clients, the de-esser and the elements were intended for data sources only and not really blending. 

All in all, TASCAM DP008 is a perfect little recorder that is unmistakably appropriate for guitarists to convey in their gig pack or guitar case. It is easy to utilize, supports mixer‑style controls, and devoted fastens rather than bunches of menus‑selectable capacities. 


There are not such a large number of items executing the same number of various employments as ZOOM R8. It also offers mood offices, works as a DAW controller, and sound interface incorporates worked in mouthpieces and an incredible impacts processor and is similarly as compact. See also: Zoom R24 vs Boss BR 800.

It likewise utilizes SD cards and ships with a LE form of a DAW. One eminent edge it has is its capacity to record four tracks all the while. However, it costs more. 

There is little else out there, except if the sound interface and control surface highlights are not fundamental, in which case TASCAM DP 008 progressed toward becoming a possibility for thought.

It means to draw in ex-simple multitrack tape clients by giving a lot of easy-to-utilize, hands-on controls, and are comparative in most different viewpoints.  


  • Reasonable 
  • Versatile 
  • Flexible 
  • Better than average impacts and drum sounds 
  • Well-assembled, particularly for a spending gadget with such a significant number of highlights 
  • Noteworthy chronicle quality at the cost 


  • Cannot rival a committed control surface 
  • Mood sequencer and sampler do not have committed tracks 
  • Scarcely any sound altering devices and no computerization 
  • As a controller/interface, may not work with each arrangement 

ZOOM R8 is not without its imperfections. However, for those getting into music innovation, it is possibly an incredible purchase.

The sequencer and sampler will empower those inspired by hip-bounce, move music, and other arranged electronica to copy the essential generation systems they are hearing, and the chronicle offices will acquaint newcomers with the miracles of multitracking and blending in the most direct way.  


- A perfect music sketch pad with built-in high-quality stereo condenser microphones for multi-track recording anytime, anywhere
- Easy to operate, just like a cassette MRT, with recording preparation achievable in just two steps after turning the device on
- SD/SDHC cards are used for recording media, allowing data to be transferred to the computer via USB
- To ensure a simple, easy-to-use interface, no unnecessary features were included that might complicate the recording process
- Digital recorder with 16-track playback and 8-track simultaneous recording utilizing Secure Digital (SD) memory
- 16/24-bit/44.1kHz linear PCM recording in WAV format
- Built-in stereo condenser microphones
- Includes 1GB SD card and supports cards up to 32GB SDHC


Eventually, ZOOM R8 is a superior eight-track computerized recorder and stereo interface than it is a controller, and there are drum machines and samplers that have more controls and are simpler to utilize. However, all things considered, the determination is fairly amazing. A ton of usefulness has been stuffed into an entirely compact and intensely estimated bundle. 

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