Zoom H1 vs Zoom H4N

Do you remember, or at least have you ever heard about mono recorders? On the off chance that you utilized those to tape a talk, it was so irritating to tune in to the chronicle later on only one side of your earphones.

The present cell phones accompany voice recorder applications and there is consistently the choice to video-record. However, that truly keeps running down the battery. In the event that you need to record anything from nature sounds and live exhibitions, you will need one of ZOOM H1 vs ZOOM H4N compact computerized recorders.

There is a couple from different brands, for example, Sony and Line 6. However, outstanding amongst other value for your money recorders was without a doubt the ZOOM H1 and ZOOM H4N. All things considered, for those of you who were going back and forth about which pocketable item was appropriate for you, one of these two might be just right for you.  

Are you still not certain which one is directly for you? Then, keep on reading as we look at the two next to each other and give you a superior thought of what ZOOM H1 and ZOOM H4N can bring to the table. 

ZOOM H1 Portable Digital Recorder  

This is the least confounded and more affordable model of the portable digital recorders that ZOOM offers. There are no layered menus or baffling buttons so it is easy to utilize. See also: Zoom iQ6 vs H6.

This is the one to get the chance to record class lectures, interviews, music exercises, and even live exhibitions if there is no requirement for four channels or the extraordinary highlights on different recorders.  

The H1 is smaller and lighter than a lot of cell phones. However, it records a decent profundity of clean stereo sound in two stations on the double. It has two mics in an XY design and it additionally acknowledges the contribution from an outer mic or even USB sound from a PC.

The low-profile channel disposes of most low recurrence foundation sounds so there is less clamour from vibrations. It, very well, maybe set to auto-record when activated by sound and the client can set prompt focuses, or markers, when recording in WAV position.  

There is a line-out jack for earphones with different volume control. The H1 additionally has a mono speaker inherent so the client can check the account. It has a tripod mounting opening so it, very well, maybe joined with a camera or remain single.  

Records are spared to a small-scale SD/SDHC card in either WAV or mp3. The H1 records anyplace from excellent 96kHz 24-piece to CD quality 44.1kHz 16-piece, or 48 to 320kbps.  

The H1 keeps running so long as ten hours off only one antacid or NiMH battery-powered battery. ZOOM incorporates a battery, 2GB SD card, a free download of sound altering programming, and a client manual.

A few clients have said that the SD card opening entryway appears to be delicate and they like to move spared documents with the USB connector rather than expelling the card over and over again.  

More highlights of the ZOOM H1 advanced recorder: 

  • Utilizations of 1 AA battery  
  • Weighs just 2 ounces and is about 5.3 inches tall  
  • Acknowledges up to 32GB smaller scale SDHC card  
  • USB 2.0 (perfect with 3.0 with the most recent firmware overhaul)  
  • Earphone and line-in ports are 1/8″  
  • Programming is Steinberg Wavelab LE  
  • 1-year constrained guarantee 

ZOOM H4N Portable Digital Recorder 

It shares highlights for all intents and purpose with the H1 version like the X/Y mics, the capacity to associate outside sound sources, and a low-profile channel to wipe out the clamour. It fills in as a USB mouthpiece as well.

It likewise has mid-side mics and it recalls the most recent two seconds before the record button is pushed. It has a tuner and a metronome. In any case, rather than rehashing every one of the determinations that make it the equivalent, let us see what makes it extraordinary.  

The H4N has a worked-in blender and preamp which is extremely advantageous when recording a live show in light of the fact that the client can make changes on the fly. The Mid-Side Decoder joins mid and side channels into a normal stereo right on the H4N.

It records 4-channel encompass sound that puts the audience directly in the centre of the activity, particularly when utilized with blast or lavalier mics to get the sound. The client can even associate the H4N legitimately to instruments with the line-in jack.  

The implicit audio effects like reverb and pressure help get the sound perfectly. The H4N can record at superior to DVD quality with the extra high-goals PCM WAV group, not simply in Broadcast WAV and mp3.  

Obviously, there is a worked-in speaker and earphone jack, just as a tripod mount, so the client can check chronicles in a hurry. It takes into consideration prompt focuses or markers on the documents when recording in Broadcast WAV. The battery life is as long as 11 hours in length in “stamina mode” when recording at CD quality. However, its normal battery life is 6 hours.  

More highlights of the Zoom H4N computerized recorder: 

  • Utilizations of 2 AA batteries  
  • Bigger and taller than the H1 version  
  • Zoom incorporates a 2GB SD card, USB connection, batteries, Steinberg WaveLab LE programming, and a client manual (and may likewise incorporate a froth windscreen, defensive case, and mic cut connector)  
  • Records in mp3, Broadcast WAV, and PCM WAV  
  • Playback at 50 – 150% without changing the pitch 


- Stereo X/Y mic configuration captures perfect stereo images
- Same frequency and SPL handling as popular Zoom H2
- Records Broadcast WAV (BWF) at 96kHz/48kHz/44.1kHz at 16-bit or 24-bit
- Japanese Version
- Japanese Manual Only
- No US Warranty


In case you are searching for a versatile recorder for live music occasions, ZOOM H4N is plainly the champ with its handy features for on-the-fly blending and unrivalled chronicle capacities. You can get proficient sound for recordings as well. However, remember that it has a somewhat bigger size and weight and less battery life during high-res recording.  

On the off chance that you need a cheap recorder that is clear, lightweight and little in size, yet records wonderful stereo sound, the ZOOM H1 is for you. It is not the best for music exhibitions but rather more than satisfactory for training sessions or meetings.

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