Zoom H4N PRO vs H5

Thanks to the development in technology we can have a convenient life and now there are lots of things we can access or do easily almost anywhere including audio recording. For those who want to record high quality audio conveniently, Zoom H4N PRO vs H5 are two nice recorder to try because they are made to give you a versatile purpose. If you are also eyeing these models, see what they can offer below and pick the one that will give the best performance below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Purchasing an Audio Recorder
  • What are Zoom H4N PRO and H5
  • What Zoom H4N PRO and H5 Look Like
  • How are the Microphone on Zoom H4N PRO and H5
  • What else Zoom H4N PRO and H5 can offer
  • How to Transport File in Zoom H4N PRO and H5
  • How are the Performance of Zoom H4N PRO and H5
  • Zoom H4N PRO Vs H5

Audio Recorder

Smartphones are getting smarter day by day and it is great because this previously device used solely to communicate with other people is now becoming a staple in our life, making it a must have for almost everyone. They first come with camera and then have a wireless connectivity to access the internet which creates our current mobile and “always connected” society. As time goes by, the camera is getting better and they are even more powerful for video as well as audio recording.

Most high-end smartphones are coming with amazing camera already but not all of them have reliable audio quality which can be a problem for some people especially enthusiast and professionals alike. This is why an audio recorder is still a very much desired tool today despite the convenience of smartphone because in general, a dedicated recorder will capture your audio better in comparison. It also allows better chance of further processing for those who are working with audio such as front of house engineer.

They are very useful for various purposes and not only professional or enthusiast, other regular users can enjoy the convenient or audio recorder as well such as when you need to record a lecture or those information from a source to write in your report. Depending on your purpose, there are a huge range of products to choose based on what they can offer but it is great to match the budget as well for some models are just pure expensive and out of range for most people.

Here are things you may want to consider when looking for the next or first audio recorder so we can get the most ideal or best option:

  1. Consider the battery life or how long they can record audio before we have to refill the juice or change the battery; for example, some models can even go up to 48 hours of recording at one go.
  2. Ease of use is necessary when you are a mobile person especially need to chase the voice or sound source such as a journalist so then we can simply press the button to start or end recording conveniently.
  3. The next important point is sound quality and this highly depending on your needs and budget because higher-end models can even become as good as a miniature recording studios or has high fidelity microphone or multitrack technology.
  4. In addition, depending on how you will use the unit, size or weight may play an important role as well because chances we have to mount them on something or continuously hold them while recording thus, a compact version are highly demanded.
 Zoom H4N PROZoom H5
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Product Dimensions6.2 x 1.5 x 2.8 inches
9.1 x 3.4 x 6.6 inches
Shipping Weight1.55 pounds1.68 pounds

About Zoom H4N PRO and H5

If you have written a list on how the ideal audio recorder should look like or what among those points they have to offer, now is the time to see what the market is providing because there are lots of them and many manufacturers continuously upgrade their model every year to fulfill the demands from their customers. To quicken the shopping process, we can also set a budget range so then we can eliminate the choices that doesn’t fit in your pocket.

For those who are in the market to shop an audio recorder without spending budget more than $300, Zoom is a great company to check out. We are sure most audio enthusiasts are familiar with this brand as well because they are one of the best in the market thanks to the how they can record your audio impressively. They also has lots to offer but one of the most popular lines will be the affordable “H” family which has various interesting models to give a shot.

Two of them are Zoom H4N PRO and H5 which are equally loved but also different and as the name suggests, the latter is made as an upper range model, selling almost at $280 which makes this recorder another hard choice to just grab and go. The former is based on the original H4 and already improved two times before becoming this version but, for those who are interested to know the difference, check our Zoom H4N Vs H4N PRO.

The H5 itself is a direct brother of H4 which makes it not surprising if you see there are lots of similarities between these two recorders but, what’s interesting about this version is that it also incorporates the improvements and innovations we can find in the higher-end model H6. Many people said this recorder is more like the affordable version of H6 rather than the big brother of H4 and what’s more important, it is more practical than the predecessor.

Zoom H4N PRO and H5 Design

When you put them side by side, it is easy to set them apart from each other because the latter is indeed redesigned and looking nothing alike the H4N PRO or even the earlier model but, when you touch the unit, they are similarly sporting this new body which feels kind of rubber-ish and feels nice to hold. The layout are similar but different as well yet, most of the buttons seem to stay in the same place with now being round instead of square.

The best improvement that we adore very much is now H5 has this metal bar protecting the level controls makes everything look sturdier as well as rugged. As you can see on the sample picture above, the latter also has redesigned body and it is overall slimmer with a slight dent or contour in the middle which is great to promote better grip when you have to hold the recorder for a prolonged time. Last but not least, the display is similarly crisp but it is slightly smaller in H5 compared to H4N PRO.

Zoom H4N PRO and H5 Microphone

Both of Zoom H4N PRO and H5 are very similar to each other in terms of reliability but they are also different and the most prominent thing that set them apart from each other is the microphone itself because the latter adopt the H6’s system of swappable microphone capsule. On the other hand, its little brother has different built-in pair of X/Y stereo condenser mics on the front yet these microphones can’t be removed. If you have the expensive version, we can pull these mics and replace them with Zoom’s capsules.

The capsule in H4N PRO is X/Y but in H5 these condenser capsule is called the XYH-5 that you can replace with MSH-6 Mid-Side capsule, SGH-6 shotgun mic capsule, EXH-6 capsule, and the XYH-6 coming from the H6 recorder with slightly larger diaphragms for better ambience and better depth as well as slightly lower noise floor.

Zoom H4N PRO and H5 Feature

Coming to the feature side, the best improvement put on H5 is the capability to handle line-level inputs because it is now has a pad on the combi inputs which allow users to run a reasonable level into the device easily and conveniently. The physical level controls is very much appreciated because now we don’t have to be restricted with the menu-driven approach anymore. It is very convenient and essential at times when we need to make adjustments on the fly.

Zoom H4N PRO and H5 Connectivity

As for connectivity, both of Zoom H4N PRO and H5 are providing a USB port on the unit to allow the user to transfer the file instead of taking out the memory card and put it in your card reader. We are actually fine with any methods because they are equally convenient but those who are not fond of dealing with small items may prefer using cable for file transfer in fear or losing or knocking the card over and losing them in between your setup.

Zoom H4N PRO and H5 Sound Quality

As for the performance quality, despite the lack of convenient physical level adjustment, Zoom H4N PRO and H5 are carrying the same preamp together with the higher-end H6 so don’t be surprised to hear a similar amazing results with any of them. Thanks to this new preamp, both of them are capable of recording loud concerts with less noise floor and cleaner sound. As for bootup time, depending on the card, the bigger it is the longer as well to bootup.

Zoom H4N PRO vs H5

- Four-channel recording up to 24-bit, 96 kHz. Built-in stereo x/Y microphones, up to 140 dB SPL
- 2 XLR/TRS inputs with locking connectors. Records directly to SD/SDHC cards up to 32 GB
- 4-In/2-out USB Audio Interface. Monaural speaker: 400 mW 8 Ω
- Line/phone-line output load Impedance- 10 kω or more. Line rated output level: -10 dBu. Phone- 20 mW + 20 mW (into 32Ω load).Tempo:40.0 - 250.0 BPM
- Uses a system of interchangeable input capsules that can be swapped out as easily as the lens of a camera
- Includes detachable x/Y capsule (xyh-5) with extended signal capacity and shock mounted mics for reduced handling noise
- Four-track simultaneous recording; Built-in speaker: 400mw 8 Ω mono
- Two mic/line inputs with XLR/TRS combo connectors each with selectable Phantom power and -20dB pad

These audio recorders are an amazing options for those who want to get a dedicated recorders and performance wise, they sound equally great. The prominent difference between both, however, is that the new H5 will allow you to change the mic capsules in case you want to try another models provided by Zoom as well as the physical level control which makes the unit even more convenient yet, this recorder also has smaller display than H4N PRO.


Since both of them are highly capable, there is no bad choice to begin with and it is all up to your needs but, for those who don’t plan to use interchangeable capsules, we do recommend to spend less and just get the Zoom H4N PRO.

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