Zoom H6 vs H4N

Choosing the right voice recorder for an expert will be an easy way. But not for a beginner. When planning to buy your first voice recorder, several points that need to compare first. In an example, there are two best choices of voice recorder to select, Zoom H6 and H4N. Both have different capabilities and advantages. To know what is best for your needs, take time to read the below review.

An Overview

First, it is suggested to have some overview of two of these two products. You may generally know that Zoom H6 and H4N both are portable. Therefore, you can easily bring them to any occasion and record any voice such as for an interview, business matters, and many more.

However, each product has its pros and cons, plus they also different in price too. That is why you will need to choose among the best to make sure that you will spend the money for a worthy product.

Recording Quality

Starting from the main function of the product, the recording capability. If we compare these two products, Zoom H6 has lesser noise and very super clarity compared to H4N. Zoom H6 also has a far richer audio imprint. When we perform recording at 100 percent, Zoom H6 will work ideally, indoor and outdoor.

Even both products completed with XY microphone, apparently the resulted recorded voices are not the same. Since Zoom H6 completed with mid-side microphone modules that allow for better quality.

Recording Channels

Next is to compare the recording channels. H4N consists of four channels that allow it to record up to 24 bits 96 kHz. Two channels as XLR inputs and two channels on a device microphone. While Zoom H6 consists of up to six recording channels with the same 24 bits in 96 kHz too. See also: Zoom H1 vs Zoom H4N.

Four channels as XLR inputs and two channels on device microphones. Having more channels will provide more flexibility in recording activity. Therefore, more channels will give better results.


Each of the voice recorders completed with various kinds of mics. Both have different microphone concept which generally not the same. In H4N, the XY microphone is permanently attached.

While in Zoom H6, the microphone is detachable. This brings H6 to a new change from its previous version. With detachable type, then the microphone is replaceable with another capsule.

Furthermore, the mid-side microphone module in H6 also capable of various degrees of sound sensitivity. That is why this type works in a remarkable way to bring clear audio even in a busy spot.

Memory Card

If we compare on the memory card, H4N will able to use a maximum memory card of 32GB. While Zoom H6 has the capability to use memory cards up to 128GB only. This means H6 will able to save more voice rather than H4N. Both are capable to connect with USB and transferred easily into a PC or laptop.


Comparing the handling of Zoom H6 and H4N also an interesting part. Overall, H4N is more weight and mainly consists of rubber. While Zoom H6 believes to be lighter and consists of a metal base material.

Even both products categorized as a handy product but handling H6 is much more convenient compared to H4N. Moreover, H6 weight 230 gr while H4 weight is about 280 gr. 

Battery Life

It is also important to get brief information about the battery life of both products. Since it will define how long the voice recorder will able to use in recording any voice. H4N is only available with 2AA batteries, while H6 available up to 4AA batteries.

This difference significantly will increase battery life capability. That is why H6 will allow for a longer lifetime rather than H4N.

If H4N is able to stand up to 6 hours only, then H6 will able to use up to 20 hours nonstop. Furthermore, H6 completed with rechargeable batteries that allow for repeated use.


If we look at the various online shops, the price between Zoom H6 and H4N is quite different. You can get a new H4N with only 200 USD. While to get a new Zoom H6, you will need to spend cost up to 370 USD.

Therefore, anyone can see that the price difference between those two is quite significant. That is why budgeting is needed to prepare before deciding to choose the suitable voice recorder to buy. In case you have a limited budget, then consider the more economical price can be an option.


When deciding to get Zoom H6, then you will get the bundle of the voice recorder together with the headphones. It also completed with the sets of rechargeable battery equipment and the tripod.

It also shall note that the H6 screen is in the below parts of the device. While H4N is like a common voice recorder that completed with a screen in the top part of the equipment. Making H4N is more convenient to watch and control.

Zoom H6 vs H4N

- Direct recording to SD cards up to 128GB.Display 2.0-inch full color LCD (320 x 240 pixels)
- Gain knobs, pads, and phantom power for each input. Maximum Sound Pressure Input: 122 dB SPL
- Newly redesigned preamps with an ultra-low noise floor, up to 24-bit/96kHz audio in wav or MP3 format
- Japanese Version
- Japanese Manual Only
- No US Warranty


Zoom H6 and H4N, both have almost the same properties inside the equipment. But in detail, there are several important differences. Whether the number of recording channels, the capability, and moreover the price.

Therefore, when you are looking for the best product among these two, H6 is recommended that H4N. Why? Because it can clearly see that choosing H6 will allow for more options in recording channels.

Even if it needs more money to get the products, but it results in a better and more clear sound to hear. Mainly if you buy a voice recorder for business purpose. Choosing professional equipment but with less budget will be a suitable option to select. That is why having Zoom H6 may represent this purpose.

Overall, from the article above, Zoom H6 is the best choice and value for money! Whether from the aspects of the recording quality, recording channels, mics, handling, and even the price. If you have more budget to get your first voice recorder, then it is recommended that you should make a choice to Zoom H6.

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